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GroinRubber (Wed 02 May 2012 23:09:53 GMT)

rockhard Quitting!

rock hard - you kinda missed the point of chikan man. It doesn't mean because you have some fine pussy on tap that there is no need for chikaning. They are two COMPLETELY DIFFERENT ENTITIES!! Having a gorgeous bird does not mean you don't normally think about the things you wouldn't do. FUCKING DOES NOT CURE THE NEED FOR CHIKAN MAN - no way!!! Fucking has not got the same apprehensi

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rock hard (Wed 02 May 2012 09:30:19 GMT)

out of the game

guys just to let you know ive quit the game for good thigs have changed for me i dont chikan anymore i been going to the gym alot which has got me into shape. my diet is good now and i drink alot of water.. im feeling mich better with myself. i spent some money on some really nice clothes and its all paying off at the moment in banging 3 white chicks im not offically going out with any of them im

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CityMap (Fri 17 Jun 2011 00:58:48 GMT)

Market Street Cinema

Wow! Great story! But where is Market Street Cinema?

guest (Thu 16 Jun 2011 23:20:16 GMT)

Market Street Cinema

I have many fond memories of this place (and a few bad ones too). I fucked a girl in the ass one time at Market Street Cinema. A blonde.

There used to be another blonde working there going by "Rita Erotica." After a little french kissing, she would suck a condom onto my boner, then turn around and line that pretty white girl pee pee hole up for penetration by my stiff pole.

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webmaster: ayashi (Sun 08 May 2011 23:47:23 GMT)


Hi Guest,

Good luck. And about the friend's mom, I too guess that she likes you. But she wouldn't take further step unless you take your first.

Guest (Sun 08 May 2011 10:42:31 GMT)


Hi Ayashi,
Good One, " I like Older Women , talk to me. " I would do just that! But i have these odd interests in my childhood friend's mom who is also in my neighborhood, just next door. She tells me in front of my mom " You have been kissed when you were a baby too many times. " and kisses me too close to the mouth,but still on the cheeks. I am not afraid of drama or anything, but how could i get hold of this woman? I hardly see her.I know, "OFF TOPIC".I am not sure if she really mean it , but i thrust my instinct she probably may like me.

webmaster: ayashi (Sat 07 May 2011 23:10:54 GMT)

Re: Self sabotage

Hi Guest,

No, you usually cannot replace one fetish to other. You may end up adding a new one. I agree with you in this regard.

Now, the good thing is you look good. Then why do you need to talk to a woman? Let her talk to you. You may wear a "I love older women. Talk to me." T-shirt, especially when you go far away from home. You may still be mocked on. But it must be a lot better than when you frott and being caught.

Guest (Sat 07 May 2011 10:30:37 GMT)


Hi Ayashi,
Well,my intention was not to replace frottuerism for my hots for older women. It is a compound of other factors. In the first place, i was really shy , so i didn't approach women let alone older women. Meanwhile, i had to take public transportation because i am not really rich to own a car or anything. Then , one day, i could feel an older woman who wore nice fabric and i could feel the warmth of her and i was hooked on. I did it for about 5-6 years. I think the reason why was not even scolded by any woman ,( except one single incident where a woman who just talked to me to remove my legs from touching her) is because of my extremely? good looks( Ben Stiller).

webmaster: ayashi (Fri 06 May 2011 21:08:30 GMT)

Re: Self sabotage

Hi Guest,

You wrote about social taboo not to date older women and that might be one of the reasons you being a frottuer. But frotteurism is also taboo, isn't it? So it cannot be safe substitute. If I'm going to violate a taboo, though this is my personal opinion, I would face the one which I really want, not substitute.

Guest (Fri 06 May 2011 13:53:43 GMT)

Re:Self sabotage

Hi,( I posted quitting , some month ago)
I have read your post , and i have been through what you gone through. I know how difficult it is when people make fun of your personality. The fact is they would have treated you otherwise , if they did not know your fetish! Either way, i share your emotional burden. TO me, frottuerism is a harmless, and i wish i would enjoy it forever if i was not bu

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horndogg (Thu 28 Apr 2011 19:31:45 GMT)

Concert Round 2

Last night was a second concert i attended within a weeks time period. I got lots of feels, lots of rubs and lots of grabs. There were a few girls who came by crowd surfing, and a few that were standing on either side of me dancing. I was with my girlfriend so i did a lot of holding her hip and rubbing my hand on other girl's asses. I had a lot of fun, especially with the crowd surfers :)

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webmaster: ayashi (Tue 22 Mar 2011 21:43:37 GMT)


Yes, I remember you, my son.

LILTERROR (Tue 22 Mar 2011 17:55:20 GMT)



The Latin Groper: Carlos (Sun 19 Dec 2010 01:14:43 GMT)

My technique to control my addiction to frotteurism

I have recently discovered that I can control addiction to frotteurism by watching videos of girls shitting 1 hour everyday. When I want to control my urge to grope and hump women during a certain period of time, I watch the following videos: Shitting girls, scat girls, toilet girls, bizarre girls shitting, girls pooping, girls eating shit, and shit porn. When I watch these videos 1 hour everyday I have notice that my urge to grope has decreased. This is because I don´t like girls shitting. I feel nausea by the odor of girl’s shit. Since shit comes from girl’s bum, I feel that my urge to hump and grope women buttocks decreases. If I liked shit, the situation would be different. If anybody wants to quit groping try to watch the videos of shitting girls 1 hour everyday.

Guest (Wed 18 Aug 2010 09:38:52 GMT)


Hi, Guys! How is it going? I think most of you are enjoying frottuerism as much as i did in the past.But i guess i am on early retirement. The reason, i am busted big time. Can you imagine if the entire work colleagues knew about your fetish , and made a nick name for you, try everything in their might to torture you emotionally. Well, that is what happened to me. In addition to that, because of t

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not applicable (Tue 27 Apr 2010 21:24:57 GMT)

Mia Matsumiya on frotteurism.

QUESTION (via www.formspring.me/miamatsumiya): "Have you ever been victimized by a frotteuristic paraphiliac? Or groped by a stranger. It's an affliction I believe I am stricken with, but find completely repugnant in every moral sense. I don't act on these urges anymore but I still feel unwanted desire"

Mia's response: "Firstly, for anyone reading this, fro

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Guest (Wed 03 Mar 2010 20:03:58 GMT)

Self sabotage

Dear all,

Somewhere I need to "talk".
I even do not believe I have to write this...
Well, somehow I made this "activity" two las times in the last 4 months.
But on both occasions I commit a strong self sabotage. I mean, the "encounters" to the girls where, from consensual to simple no-reaction from their side. But that is not the point.
In both oc

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Max Mond (Wed 03 Mar 2010 14:59:08 GMT)

How to quit

Uncle Bob..you want to quit? This is how I did for a 2 years without any incident...you have to know why you do it...I didn't know it at first, but I eventually discovered I was unhappy with myself and that translated into unhappiness at work, complications with girlfriends, and a lots of frotting on the subways...at one point, due to poor job performance, I decided to give it up...didn'

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Max Mond (Wed 03 Mar 2010 14:50:18 GMT)

Feeling good but very guilty

I broke my 2 year spell of not frotting...its partly circumstantial, but still one shouldn't blame the circumstances for losing control...the main circumstance is I really miss my girl...she has been away for almost a month and won't be back till the May or June...this is annoying the hell out of me and needless to say very frustrating...I'm going to work from home the next few days till i've cooled off....and the chikan is suppressed. Anyone have advice on how to cope and avoid temptation when you're girl is away?

Guest (Mon 22 Feb 2010 17:16:20 GMT)


Why dont you guys find a better way to spend your lives. I wish there is a way you would discover your real potential. This whole chikan bit is killing your time and taking away from you the real pleasures that life has to offer. Dont waste your life, by the time you realize it you will have lost time you can never recover...believe me if you are 20 ...by the time this message sinks in you will be 35 and unfortunately at 20 no one warned you how precious time is ..Good luck with the reform

BOND007: SHADOW (Sun 10 Jan 2010 15:13:04 GMT)

Fair enough?

Thanks Ayashi for responding. I kinda figured that was the angle that you were going to use :-) ...but it's somewhat justifiable.

Considering the fact that there are a certain number of females out there that welcome...and in some cases even initiate...advances from chikans by responding accordingly (gyrating with the chikan etc)I would hardly consider a chikan to be a 'soft ra

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webmaster: ayashi (Sat 09 Jan 2010 22:34:16 GMT)


UNCLE BOB, I avoid crowd.

SHADOW, chikan is not rape but a lot of people misunderstand that chikan is soft rape or soon to be rape. And some one misunderstands that if he shows how bad rape is, he can stop chikan.

BOND007: SHADOW (Sat 09 Jan 2010 16:24:21 GMT)

Just browsin'

Hey guys...been a while. I hope the holiday season was good to you all. Incredibly busy as always, although I hardly come in here. After scrolling down though, I am a little alarmed to have seen a video clip from 'Irreversible' in the QUIT section, of all places. LOL. That is not the action of a chikan; that shit is a gay pimp performing outright anal rape on that girl. What's up with that being in here, Ayashi?

UNCLE BOB (Sat 09 Jan 2010 14:47:07 GMT)


OK GUYS....it doesnt look like to much activity here,but if someone is out there how about alittle help!!!!!!!!!!!!! Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

guest (Mon 04 Jan 2010 20:55:58 GMT)


your post of sept.6th should be the last post on the quit board.All that other stuff that follows doesnt belong there!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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