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UNCLE BOB (Tue 15 Dec 2009 15:49:28 GMT)


I doubt very much he is a doctor.As a matter of fact he probably is young enough that he still sees a peditrician...And certainly the "D" stands for DICK.....And so from here on in DR.D will be known as DICK!!!!!!!!!!!

Dr, D ( Tue 15 Dec 2009 04:56:03 GMT)


Thank you Tom. That was clean

Dr.D (Mon 14 Dec 2009 16:57:50 GMT)

What my point ?


Dirty Tom (Sun 13 Dec 2009 22:52:38 GMT)



UNCLE BOB (Sun 13 Dec 2009 20:42:28 GMT)


So whats your point??????????????...........

Dr. D (Sun 13 Dec 2009 19:02:28 GMT)

Crowd used as a weapon

For you aggressive humpers. If you have your victims trapped in a crowd...no where to go..It is just like being tied up against their will. If the victim somehow had her pants down buy you or someone else, you would take advantage of the situation and start rubbing your dick around her naked ass and slide it in her anus or pussy.

Guest (Sun 13 Dec 2009 07:09:28 GMT)


No. The video has nothing to do with our frottophilia. This is reflecting one man, Dr. D. But believing that there must be worse pervert than him is common among perverts.

Altera888 (Sun 13 Dec 2009 05:10:03 GMT)

Sick... (WARNING: she may be 99 years old)

This current trend toward posting violent simulated rape videos is revolting. What the hell has this got to do with the act of frottuerism/chikan??

UNCLE BOB (Sat 12 Dec 2009 18:31:57 GMT)

DR.D video

50 times!!!!!!!!!! Are you freakin kidding!!!!!!!!!! After the 23 time my cock was to sore to get hard again.......

registered member: Mauler (Fri 11 Dec 2009 13:45:22 GMT)

No the rape scene isn't real....

I know that movie. It's called Irreversible and the girl is Monica Bellucci. She's hot!

Veteran: trans_rub (Fri 11 Dec 2009 02:43:34 GMT)

Dr D

Wrong place to show them.You should go to "off topic" section.Very disgusting.Is not a way to Frot.Thats rape.

mike (Fri 11 Dec 2009 01:33:58 GMT)

rape video posted by Dirty Tom

i hope that rape video is NOT real. it's utterly violent in the end and i found it quite shocking. someone please tell me is fake or staged.

Dr. D (Thu 10 Dec 2009 19:34:58 GMT)

Warning!.. watching the video more then 50 time can corrupt your mind. (WARNING: she may be 21 years old)

When you watched the video did your member start to grow and feel the Adrenalin rush in your brain when the guy force the sexy lady on her knee and climb on her back side getting ready to penetrate his penis in her ass hole? and did you play it over and over again? If the answer is no...then your a liar.

Buttwiper (Thu 10 Dec 2009 10:01:13 GMT)

Dr. D's video

This is a mainstream movie and nothing to do with frotteurism. As others said, if you are not interested, dont come to the forums and mess the experience up, seriously get a life. At least ppl here are in touch with the feminine world, and believe it or not, there are many female players out there.

If you are just fantasizing about it, get out and try play if you have the guts.
By the way, anyone liked my NEC story?

UNCLE BOB (Wed 09 Dec 2009 13:25:03 GMT)


DR.D..............You seem to pass judgement on everyone and take joy in criticizing our game....I think perhaps you should look in the mirror as no one here forces you to come to this site everyday.And it was you who posted that rape clip.What other sites do you freguent that you find that stuff....Obviously the stories here must have some redeeming value for you because you are always here.I und

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Dr. D (Tue 08 Dec 2009 23:05:30 GMT)

Frotteurism, where can it take you?

Here a video of a Chikan who's mind is corrupt from many years of frotteurism-that lead him to violence by hanging out at the subway tunnel. He could not find a prey after hour of riding the subway back and force- out of desperation he target his prey in the tunnel and get a good hump by using force.
I think is heading that way and a few other on here.
Here the video of the sicko on the attack, lets call him shall we

webmaster: ayashi (Sun 06 Sep 2009 21:31:13 GMT)

re: adolescent perversion

Indeed chikan is mostly adolescent perversion. Very few bocome long lasting addiction but others stop it as they are fully developed.

Anonymous (Sat 05 Sep 2009 02:07:04 GMT)


I don't want to do this anymore. I've come to learn through a number of negative experiences how destructive it can be as a habit -- not to mention the ethical qualms I have with the victimization of anyone. I'm attempting to write it off as an adolescent perversion that I've since given up; by reading this, I'm sure most of you can tell that I've wrestled with the mo

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webmaster: ayashi (Wed 15 Jul 2009 23:50:55 GMT)

avoid crowd

It's hard when you are tempted by pressing butts.

Latina Slayer: JMONEY (Tue 14 Jul 2009 02:42:40 GMT)

well this retirement is harder than I thought

I did say I was done last week but found myself on a super crowded train last friday so I had to grab some more butt. Maybe I can get the rest out of my system then fully retire after this friday. I mean this is the summer too so there are alot of free concerts around, groping may occur when these get crazy and packed.

webmaster: ayashi (Wed 20 May 2009 00:11:23 GMT)

Why does this website appear to both?

I do not encourage nor discourage the same activity. I think that encouraging it is wrong, and discouraging it cannot work. Besides, it is so ambiguous that almost everything depend consent or the lack of it.

Guest (Tue 19 May 2009 03:30:43 GMT)

Why does this website appear to both...

...encourage AND discourage the same activity?

Are you a practicing frotteur? Then go to the Frot forum & share stories with other like-minded pervs.

Do you think frotteurism is wrong & you oppose it? Then come to *this* forum.

But it's the *same website*! What is up with that?

webmaster: ayashi (Thu 30 Apr 2009 22:20:13 GMT)

Yes, you can stop. And you know that.

As you mentioned you may find the girl who can make you forget everything else.

Gavin Smith (Thu 30 Apr 2009 17:56:40 GMT)

Stopping before you begin

Stopping before you begin
For over a year I've read this forum but I've only done it twice. The only time I've been able to stop reading this forum is when a girl was in my life. A few days ago I groped this girl on the subway and it was exhilarating. I really want to do it again but at the same time Im afraid of picking up an awful habit. I also feel really bad for the girl who I touched. What can I do to quit this forum and quit in general?

Guest (Tue 21 Apr 2009 07:20:59 GMT)

Another one bites the dust

And please, check the comments!...

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