rockhard Quitting!

rock hard - you kinda missed the point of chikan man. It doesn't mean because you have some fine pussy on tap that there is no need for chikaning. They are two COMPLETELY DIFFERENT ENTITIES!! Having a gorgeous bird does not mean you don't normally think about the things you wouldn't do. FUCKING DOES NOT CURE THE NEED FOR CHIKAN MAN - no way!!! Fucking has not got the same apprehension, exitement, mystery, that chikan has.

I wish you well though man but...

...Take it from me. You won't quit. Like just think you will. Let us know when you succumb back to the Dark Side lol!!! Why do you think Darth Vader has got such a shiny helmet!! LOL!!!

PS: small rock concert at the weekend.....Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!
Would you guys like the story, or are you bored with my somwhat one dimensional stories yet?


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