out of the game

guys just to let you know ive quit the game for good thigs have changed for me i dont chikan anymore i been going to the gym alot which has got me into shape. my diet is good now and i drink alot of water.. im feeling mich better with myself. i spent some money on some really nice clothes and its all paying off at the moment in banging 3 white chicks im not offically going out with any of them im guys seeing them casually and getting all the benfits of like being in a realtoonship without actually being in one.. as it standa chikan os te last thing on my mind i just dont have time for it becuase the pussy is coming fast anyway maybe oneday ill be back in the game but get yourself a girl that will keep you on the edge that will keep you excited about life and make you want to do things you wouldnt usually do... that is te best way to quit.. when relationships become boring we turn to chikan as a need to keep us entertained becuase we are too comfortable.. this is my throery anyway and its working for me.

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