Market Street Cinema

I have many fond memories of this place (and a few bad ones too). I fucked a girl in the ass one time at Market Street Cinema. A blonde.

There used to be another blonde working there going by "Rita Erotica." After a little french kissing, she would suck a condom onto my boner, then turn around and line that pretty white girl pee pee hole up for penetration by my stiff pole.

Our heights were just right, and we would do it standing up. I would rest my head against her lovely blonde locks and speak of dirty directly into her ear and say how much I loved that white pussy.

We fucked like this in the Cinema many, many times. On one night after we were finished, I pulled out of her muffin and discovered that the condom had torn to shreds! I was extremely excited to learn that I had ACTUALLY spermed inside of one of my absolute favorites!

I have many other dick-stiffening memories of the Market Street Cinema, but that is enough for now.

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