Re:Self sabotage

Hi,( I posted quitting , some month ago)
I have read your post , and i have been through what you gone through. I know how difficult it is when people make fun of your personality. The fact is they would have treated you otherwise , if they did not know your fetish! Either way, i share your emotional burden. TO me, frottuerism is a harmless, and i wish i would enjoy it forever if i was not busted, big time. Actually, i was pretty obvious wiht my intentions , and i am not surprised society got into me. For me , the thrill for frottuerism comes from being able to do what i want to do, and doing a crazy( dangerous thing ) and combination of the adrenaline and pheromone ( ? or whatever hormones)when i do the thing.In the country where i am from, there is social taboo not to date older women, this could be one of the reasons why i was a frottuer. It was the only accessible option to be the spy who shagged me(Austin Powers).
Now, i am totally got used to the name calling , but not really after paying a big price: i had a nervous breakdown some years back because of the anxiety.Frottuerism was almost what i lived for without exaggeration. Now, it has been 3 years (intermittently at first) and about a year and half since i quit.
The reason why i made the decision was: Does the instantaneous feeling of auphoria when doing it, worth the name -calling and the constant bullying from people, far and close pals? It was not.
My strategy was to live by the book. I read a lot of self help books among which i liked " The Secret ",Some NLP and several HOW TO books. They changed my perspective about life. Small thing you might find interesting are : If you are expecting people to bully you, they will.
Never admit to anyone that you did wrong.
Never give your enemies the satisfaction of you failing!Excel your enemies.
Turn this unfortunate situation to change your life.

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