Concert Round 2

Last night was a second concert i attended within a weeks time period. I got lots of feels, lots of rubs and lots of grabs. There were a few girls who came by crowd surfing, and a few that were standing on either side of me dancing. I was with my girlfriend so i did a lot of holding her hip and rubbing my hand on other girl's asses. I had a lot of fun, especially with the crowd surfers :)

My only problem was with one girl. She seemed to notice that i was rubbing her butt initially, but when i started getting a bad vibe, i stopped it, and went back to holding on to the gf. The unusual thing was every so often i would still accidentally give a quick tap on her back, or butt only because we were in the crowd, up against the pit, and it was packed, after a while it seemed that she was telling her friends and she turned out to just dance on me, not sexy dancing, nothing that hinted she wanted me to grab her, but rather dancing in an obnoxious way. Anyone ever had something happen like that to them?


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