Hi, Guys! How is it going? I think most of you are enjoying frottuerism as much as i did in the past.But i guess i am on early retirement. The reason, i am busted big time. Can you imagine if the entire work colleagues knew about your fetish , and made a nick name for you, try everything in their might to torture you emotionally. Well, that is what happened to me. In addition to that, because of the intense worrying that i had about being found out lead to mental illness.I personally don't think there is harm in being a frottuer, but it should not be a sole reason to live for.I would say, frotting was the only thing that made me happy.I have a few girlfriends, and i intend to tell them my past even if they mean to humiliate me or reject me.I am kind of masochist too, because i did something that i knew what the consequence would be. I had some girl who i was going out with , we have been close for one or two years. Mostly she was off-hands for the most part, except a few kisses. About 4 months ago, she invited me to her home, with wine and everything she was very aroused. we were kissing , ( I don't know why, there is only one Kiss i liked so much with another girl on my entire life), i had a very strong control on my urges , except frotting. She was panting all over me, and mumbling something like "... Lower... Lower" or " slower ... Slower", i could not be sure. Anyway,i did not take the advantage because i did not feel like it.
After she cooled off she was telling me ...She did not want to fall in love. (obviously with me).I knew, it was the hormones speaking , and i liked to be with her. In fact she was more like a coach to me about proper dating.When i left , she escorted me and by that time i decided to tell her my fetish. I messaged her on the phone to refer to frottuerism on wikipedia, and ofcourse i quite a year ago . After she read it, she did not call me since. I am heartless and i did not feel a thing.
But i can not tell you the anxiety i feel because almost everybody i knew ,knew about me, they will be talking in whispers. The emotion i feel is mostly very intense anxiety.
So, i would advice you for those willing to quit or being found out to follow this strategy:
- try to minimize the frequency of frotting.
- Don't frequent same places, people will eventually recognize you.
-Get a girlfriend or a buddy, don't tell them anything, just drink beer or hang out.
-Find some other way to relieve yourself , like porn movies, read stories on websites like this.

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