Mia Matsumiya on frotteurism.

QUESTION (via www.formspring.me/miamatsumiya): "Have you ever been victimized by a frotteuristic paraphiliac? Or groped by a stranger. It's an affliction I believe I am stricken with, but find completely repugnant in every moral sense. I don't act on these urges anymore but I still feel unwanted desire"

Mia's response: "Firstly, for anyone reading this, frotteurism is basically a weirdish molestation fetish that involves rubbing your erection against a non-consenting woman for sexual arousal.

That being said, yes, I was actually groped once (non-frotteuristically) on a crowded subway train in Boston when I was 17. It was an older guy -- this totally disgusting pervert wearing a white shirt and dark sunglasses. I actually freaked out on him, which is really, really rare for me to do. I yelled, "Don't fucking touch me!" and then at very close range, I violently chucked a mustard-coated pretzel at him. Lame weapon, I know, but hey, that's what happened to be in my hand at the time. Besides, in my imagination, this mustard-covered pretzel was traveling at an unusually high velocity from all that adrenaline coursing through my veins, which gave me superhuman pretzel-chucking powers. I was actually so upset, I was shaking. By an amazing stroke of luck, the pretzel stuck to his white shirt (glued in place by the mustard) and so instinctually, I reached over and rubbed in it some more - haha! It flopped off onto his right shoe after that, leaving glorious, globular mustard stains everywhere. My mustarded pretzel attack felt amazingly satisfying/triumphant because I almost never feel or show anger towards other people. In this case, it really was completely instinctual -- so, so rare for me! It felt great, although it would have been more way greater for him to have been arrested for groping an underage girl. Instead, he just embarrassedly jumped off at the next train stop and bolted off into the city somewhere.

I'm really sorry you have this affliction. I think it's really great that you don't act on these urges anymore. Please be careful with it and get help though, because it can really make a woman feel awful."

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