How to quit

Uncle want to quit? This is how I did for a 2 years without any have to know why you do it...I didn't know it at first, but I eventually discovered I was unhappy with myself and that translated into unhappiness at work, complications with girlfriends, and a lots of frotting on the one point, due to poor job performance, I decided to give it up...didn't know how to do it, but stumbled on physical exercise as a focal point...everyday I went to the gym,I felt successful in achieving this small goal...then martial arts helped me more..the rigorous exercises changed me internally somehow....i felt different...then I started to look different too..I got in shape, and I like what I saw in the the point, that now I'm vain when I used to be a macho brute...with the shedding of some 80 pounds, mostly water, some muscle, I've become sensitive...i see small things I never saw before, I enjoy small moments...I now witness life and laugh at everything rather than getting affected too much by its ups and downs. So if you can, try to understand yourself first...see what makes you miserable, what makes you happy...I didn't know it at first, but for me, it was not being good looking that made me miserable (even though this was an incorrect self perception), and frotting was a great escape and stress relief...but once I cured my alleged ugliness (which was never really there), I didn't want to frot..

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