Fair enough?

Thanks Ayashi for responding. I kinda figured that was the angle that you were going to use :-) ...but it's somewhat justifiable.

Considering the fact that there are a certain number of females out there that welcome...and in some cases even initiate...advances from chikans by responding accordingly (gyrating with the chikan etc)I would hardly consider a chikan to be a 'soft rapist.'

To help in sustaining your point though, I will, however, say that the term may apply to certain stories that I have read where the girl is CLEARLY non compliant; in some cases, VISIBLY TERRIFIED...and is making every attempt to get away but the chikan denies her exit and continues to impose upon her while blocking her in his space using force. Based on the fact that rape is a forcible act, those scenarios are more applicable to the example provided as a pose to the general chikan who tries his luck, sees that the girl is non compliant and simply leaves. Even though I think that the example was a little extreme, I do get the gist, nonetheless. Thanks again.

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