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Hey! Those of you who want to post anything about masturbation. Don't.
This board is made to stop groping strange women.
You worry about masturbation and your penis size.
But your problem is lack of intelligence.
You better worry how illiterate you are.
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frottophilia pics and movies

duff. (Mon 13 Jan 2020 14:23:11 GMT)


There are some women who enjoy the thrill as much as the chikan. But there is also a sample of the population who don't - who are being molested and are too scared to react. I know that this is the purpose for some of you, you enjoy chikan because you can exploit this. But know that they, your 'targets', they are people as well. They are people who are more vulnerable and unable to defend themselv

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The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Tue 07 Jan 2020 20:17:58 GMT)

Stepping Back

I've decided that I will be stepping back away from chikan for good. It just doesn't bring the same kind of thrill and excitement that it once used to. It's almost too easy for me for one thing. I can not engage in it for eons and eons of time, only to "cum" back and start nutting against strange girls again all over the place . . . again and again and again like I never stopped . . . chikan no

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re: Update (Sat 02 Nov 2019 11:57:26 GMT)


it's good to hear that you have slowed down.

Guest (Sat 02 Nov 2019 07:22:39 GMT)


Coming to this site reminds me of the things I have done. I am not proud of who I am but I hope I will become someone better. A while ago I made a post looking for help in a stopping this addiction. Since then I have definitely slowed down. I think this is only because I don't give myself the opportunity to do these things. I have no friends however, maybe this is my own doing of just pushing people and not attempting to be social. I don't know why I bother typing in this forum. I guess in a weird way you guys are the only ones I can relate to. Not that I want to be able to relate to you, no offense. We are all sick anyways, some more than others. I hope you guys are striving to be better people.

Take care

Max Mond (Thu 21 Mar 2019 23:09:11 GMT)


I don't feel the urge to make a special effort to go frotting. If something comes to me, I'll take it. But I don't feel enoigh excitement when I think about frotting to go to music festival, or bar, or even a special trip to the subway. It all seems so silly now. I just needed a good woman.

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Wed 27 Feb 2019 04:39:16 GMT)

Long-Term Abstinence

I have not chikan butt fucked anybody for nearly three years now. I've gone through periods like this before. Long stretches of no chikan for even years at a time, only to come back with a vengeance! That's why you have seen "booms" and "busts" stretches in terms of stories from me.

Don't get me wrong. I've been really tempted badly a few times. Especially in this last year. Attractiv

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i can help (Sun 27 Jan 2019 00:07:02 GMT)

Dr H

i can help you. if in your heart... deep down... you know you dont want to keep doing this. Then let me know and I can help you. i wont provide a miracle cure as there is no such thing. however i can provide a realistic plan and outlook with a strong mentality so if you do slip into this errant behaviour then you wont fall into despair. Dr H

this is not help but (Wed 14 Nov 2018 07:56:56 GMT)

you are one of us, a better one

Nobody here says this can be easily stopped. This is a kind of illness. An addiction or a dependence. So even if you can not stop you do not blame yourself. You are a better one here since you are at least trying to stop it.

Helpme (Tue 13 Nov 2018 02:23:57 GMT)


If there is anyone who has quit please tell me I beg to get in contact with you. I'm 17 and I'm a disgusting pervert. But I don't want to be. I want to be normal. I want to have a good relationship not just with girls. But friends, family. This shit has affected all aspects of my life because it interferes with my train of though whenever I see a girl. I was hoping this was just going to be a teenager hormone thing but obviously based on this site it's not. Please help.

webmaster: ayashi (Wed 07 Nov 2018 01:26:14 GMT)

For most of us, it's not just hobby ...

The emptiness comes after you feel the crazy excitement, I know. It's not just for chikan. Gamble dependence has the same excitement/soberness cycle - even when you win a game you feel empty. Ten minutes after you walk away with big money and you are alone you feel it. Almost all dependence has it.

Max Mond (Tue 06 Nov 2018 18:10:14 GMT)

Want to quit (again)

Must be getting older. No matter how much i enjoy this hobby on and from my way to work,it feels empty. The more I do it, the more I miss the company of a woman. Her pleasant fragrance of her hair, her soft skin, cozying up together on a cold rainy day, etc, etc. for me, to quit i have to be in a good relationship. when i am in one you won't see me on this board.

registered member: RED DRAGON (Fri 14 Apr 2017 06:19:57 GMT)

Re A life

I'm with Shoges on this one, I was as dj when I was younger and got soooo much cunt it was sick even now I am still fucking girls younger than me, and have NO probs with that, so as Shoges says why live a fuller life or as I like to see it why not have my cake and eat it....cake being a metaphor for pussy of course, I go one better as I sometimes flash them till they are all hot and bothered and wet too!

Nymho to each his own, I can't get excited if she is into it, it must be taken, otherwise there is no effort no skill required;)

IDFWU: Shoges (Fri 14 Apr 2017 06:06:57 GMT)

Re: I have a life

Why choose? I've fucked more pretty women in the ass (and mouth/pussy) than most men will get even pussy over the course of their entire lifetimes! And I'm not finished yet! So again, why choose??? Why not have an even fuller life LOL?!

I have a life (Fri 14 Apr 2017 01:13:39 GMT)

You losers are sad

It's sad to see how pathetic you people are. All this energy spent over jizzing on a girl. "OMG!" you scream. "I touched her bum! Then I nutted on her pants and snuck away." Fucking pathetic. Meanwhile I'm fucking girls every which way, ass and other holes, nutting inside them as we pound away. You guys seriously need to get lives.

vic (Tue 22 Nov 2016 19:09:55 GMT)

teen lovee

my story starts in the summer 2013 warning 15 yrs old It wasn't too hot a little mild, Their is every year the jazz festival, It was a saturday afternoon alot people but, alot of awesome hot teens, So anyway i had a cigarette, scoping the area,

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Guest (Wed 08 Jun 2016 02:39:06 GMT)


This is hauting me. I skipped a lot of classes in my college to frot. Everytime i get in my house i just look back and regret all these things. I'm doing this for 4 years now, and i can't look myself in mirror.
When you chikan, you hurt someone. Someone feels like an object, just for pleaseure, nothing more. I treat women like nothing, and i'm an asshole for that. Nobody that knows me, imagine that i do this things. I can't live with 2 no more.

Guest (Mon 30 May 2016 03:53:30 GMT)


why don't you, y'know, try learning to have a conversation with a woman and some consensual intimacy and not be such a bunch of degenerate reprobates.

Guest (Sun 29 May 2016 23:43:26 GMT)


smooovieee: smooovieee (Sun 29 May 2016 23:06:40 GMT)

Re: incredulous

hey chief, EVERYONE suffers some form of abuse, EVERY SINGLE ONE

like being called names or ridiculed, being beaten by family, being treated badly etc

there isn't one single person alive who hasn't suffered from some form of abuse

Guest (Sun 29 May 2016 23:43:00 GMT)


incredulous (Sun 29 May 2016 09:04:12 GMT)



youre ruining peoples lives

guest (Sun 08 May 2016 10:10:11 GMT)


Well, this is a warning to all of you who are fans of this practice just as I was.
Being caught doing this is a headache you don't want to have. In my case even somewhat condemning pictures were taken, but luckly not condemning enough to land me in legal trouble. Still, there are people aware of it and even though friends and family don't know this, I'll now be for the rest of my life worried it might come back to haunt me.
If you're an avid fan of frotteurism take a few moments to think about this. Now that the risks have not yet materialized you think the gains are worth it, but once they do you'll see how wrong you were.

Guest (Sat 09 Apr 2016 16:49:30 GMT)

Re: The Messenger - To Burn in Hell!

Your dire warnings won't work with a profoundly lost soul such as Arm Humper who chikans women while they are in the actual act of reading the Bible! First book of Peter it was alleged. And by his own admission. How disgusting and flagrant a cardinal sin!

The messenger (Sat 09 Apr 2016 10:49:07 GMT)


Hey what's up guys, I wonder if anyone of y'all have thought about his last day on earth and where he could be heading..see I'm a former chikan and I know how enticing this activity activity could be but it's all lust and we're living a lie..I know some of y'all deep inside know that this is wrong but for some reason you can't stop cause the feeling is so strong but it is a sin and we need to ask

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Superpro (Fri 01 Apr 2016 07:12:22 GMT)


The northern line at London Bridge is the best place to find a school girl or woman to grind on.. Every morning I crush girls asses in the train, pressing my hard dick in there ass crack.. If they don't react u can rub n squeeze there waist n ass n thighs n keep pumping them hard until u cum Mmm even on school girls.. As long as they got a fat curvy ass imma grind her hard

8RUCE8 (Mon 08 Feb 2016 15:53:01 GMT)

Public places dangers

I don't recommend anybody who is not 100% sure what they're doing and fully secure about surroundings and the people around, should try ANYTHING in public.

I have been out of the game for quite a while mainly because I've been driving lots more and haven't used public transport for years. When I had to use the bus recently and noticed that there's some half-chances here and there to get a g

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Max Mond (Fri 30 Oct 2015 00:33:23 GMT)


Like most addicts, its hard for us to quit. For me, I've been frot free for many years now. But now, I'm going through a personal mini-crisis: my girl is distant from me, and my job might be ending. The last trip to NY set me in my old ways again. This time, even martial arts did not help.

Right now, I'm out of ny, my old hunting grounds so I am unwillingly frot-free. Despite how attractive their fat bottoms are, I haven't had much success. My key to quitting this time lies in me patching things up with my girl, and maybe getting a better job. Both of these things are driving me to this board and maybe a move back to nyc.

Max Mond (Thu 15 Oct 2015 16:04:12 GMT)

Return to the city

I had to come to NY for work a few weeks ago and had to take the subway. On the 7 train in Queens, I got into a train which became packed with students. I didn't do anything, but some short teenage girls decided to have fun with me. It was so packed and my old lust was awakened, I couldn't resist their advances. One Spanish looking girl pushed her back into my crotch, as her ass was too

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Guest (Wed 24 Jun 2015 02:14:59 GMT)

fellas help!!

Ok guys this is my situation I'm moving from (NYC prime chikan real estate).. to Dallas this weekend if anybody from here can help me out as far as chikanin in Dallas as far as were to go for the crowds it would be gratefully appreciated

Sincerely yours: a chikan addict lol

registered member: AlmightyTrojan (Wed 08 Apr 2015 00:14:56 GMT)


I see what your saying man this was to close a cool.
I can't let my urge take over my common sense again.

And Pakistini man you are very much right. You are sometimes born into a gang, and one sometimes has a experience which makes him born a chikan.

Pakistani Man (Tue 07 Apr 2015 17:29:19 GMT)

Thankyou Rockhard Red Dragon

Brothers thankyou for your advice and support.I will stop being so aggressive. Licking a womans hair and placing my head on her shoulder to smell her neck was my biggest turn on.

I am back to Jubilee line on the hunt but in a more covert mode ahaha.

When one is born a chikan he dies a chikan. It is very much like a youth who joins a London gang. He joins but there is no way out.

I am going to do some research to control the chikan beast maybe meditation or something.

registered member: RED DRAGON (Tue 07 Apr 2015 08:06:42 GMT)

Re AlmightyTrojan

Dude, did you say she was a school girl from your school?? if you carry on like this your days are numbered, you can't possibly think you can keep getting away with such close calls!! read my last post to Pakistani man, at the end I explain how I got caught once. read it!

registered member: RED DRAGON (Tue 07 Apr 2015 08:03:56 GMT)

Re Pakistani man

Some very good advice there, from Rock Hard, I never said quit either, I can't quit it, I love it and I don't do it as often as you guys, for me its flashing mostly, but Rock is right, try to be less forceful try to read your surroundings and your targets, act natural as he says and be cool, breathing heavy licking their hair will get you noticed by others even if the girl doesn't s

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Rock Hard (Mon 06 Apr 2015 19:29:12 GMT)

Pakistani man...

Don't stop the game will always be inside you, it has become a part of you a part of your life.. It's all you know.. Try and fight it and the urge to do it is more powerful..
Instead keep at it.. But keep it low key... Try and be more discreet.. Read my stories I used to be monster... Sometimes I still am.. But ive learned to read situations.. Ok that's not a given.. But ive sto

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Pakistani Man (Mon 06 Apr 2015 13:52:42 GMT)

Cold Turkey

Rockhard,RedDragon I am taking your advice to stop chikaning. I have stopped for 2 days but I am suffering sweating, playing with my cock. My mind says go to the tube trains and chikan teenage girls and those dirty white office girls.

Its so hard its like cocaine I battling hard. Each day I think how many dirty bitches are missing my cock.

Rock Hard (Thu 02 Apr 2015 09:58:17 GMT)

in fact....

for more reading... if you don't wish to read it at least read the line....
•Everyday plain clothes and high-visibility officers continue to patrol the network to identify offenders and prevent crime.

•There are around 2,000 police officers and PCSOs dedicated to patrolling London’s transport network, who have been specially trained to deal with cases of unwanted sexual behaviou

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Rock Hard (Thu 02 Apr 2015 09:53:00 GMT)


also was meant to add this from this link, same guy but another website with even more info but the last comment made me think....


"The action was part of Project Guardian – a multi agency initiative involving the Met, British Transport Police, City of London Police and TfL – which aims to improve the levels of reporting among victims of sexual offences, and ‘create an environment on London’s transport network which does not tolerate intimidation and sexual harassment’."

Rock Hard (Thu 02 Apr 2015 09:49:18 GMT)

Still in the game but


This is one of the main reasons why I think eventually I will quit.. this guy done it to obviously a girl who had been out drinking so was probably half

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Guest (Wed 01 Apr 2015 15:23:25 GMT)

Re: Spring break

Guess what board? This has been going on for years, and the police know it, the girls know it. Guess what else? The girls can't wait to get down there and partake of the festivities. The guys can't wait. But do you think the cops have the resources to stop it? Nope! Are there sites they can monitor? I'll bet! But it ain't happeninig!

registered member: RED DRAGON (Tue 31 Mar 2015 19:26:00 GMT)

Re Guest

How naive are you? the police from various countries are aware of this site but come on, we don't post dates, places or times with a picture, they have to concentrate on crimes that are reported, a story on here is a drop in the ocean, I doubt they have the resources to police this board, but of course they know of it. Oh and NEVER said anything about closing this site, I love it here, may it reign long into the future so we can enjoy reading about hot girls being groped and frotted!! :)

Guest (Mon 30 Mar 2015 21:51:36 GMT)

Guest to Guest

OK, I hear you. But, the videos are not lies. Those speak for themselves. One day somebody is going to come down on the guys who make those videos and the sites that allow them to be put up for all to see.

Guest (Mon 30 Mar 2015 14:52:35 GMT)

the feds are closing in!

Red Dragon is Right!!!! This site needs closing, and fast, before we all get busted in one foul swoop. After all, the proof of us is embedded in the posts here, unless ayashi can delete them on request?

Close the site before we all get squished! Its not safe! Do your stuff if you must, but dont be dumb and post it here.

Guest (Mon 30 Mar 2015 13:37:10 GMT)

Re: Guest/arrest

From one guest to another, I have a question: arrested for what? Telling s story? Some of the stories on this site are lies. How do law enforcement go about weeding the truth from lies? Or more importantly, do they have the resources to spend time on it? Unless someone gets caught red-handed, prosecuted, and investigated for more possible victims, that probably won't happen. I know plenty of make-believe and fantasy is posted in this and other sites like it. And think about this: plenty of real activity goes on on a daily basis, and they don't have enough manpower to devote to even that, let alone a site like this. Don't be careless, but don't sweat this so much.

Guest (Mon 30 Mar 2015 09:53:22 GMT)

Re: Red Dragon - Police Presence

Red Dragon, if the police know about this site then why hasn't it been shut down and Ayashi and everybody else here including yourself arrested??? And now you can be found guilty of contributing to the delinquency of a minor for the advice you just gave to a teenager!

Guestz (Sun 29 Mar 2015 18:10:01 GMT)

Re: Advice for the newbee

Gotta agree with everyone else on this latest question: don't start it! Don't start something that is definitely hard, if almost impossible to stop! Some of us have been at this most of our lives. I started decades ago coming on them. It started out with girls my own age in school, where it was so dangerous getting caught. But it progressed into a totally different beast. Once I found how to do it in public places I was hooked. But that kinda behavior now can lead to jail. I only know from decades of getting away with it how to limit my chances of being caught. But I would never be able to explain it to anyone, because it's not EVER a sure thing. Don't be stupid. I was born with this problem, which it is. Don't ask to acquire it!!

IDFWU: Shoges (Sun 29 Mar 2015 15:23:20 GMT)

Re: Teenagegroper - Advice

Listen to the man, listen to the man! I mean, it's like beating the bad habit of smoking. The best way to beat it is not to start it in the first place! It's too late for seasoned, professionalized, "hard core" gropers, but you are young enough to not go down that path. I respect "same old groper" for giving you the correct advice. You would be far better off to do as the great "Pervman" did and leave this place at once. Actually, you can do one better than Pervman. Don't even start. Not familiar with Pervman? Then read of his exploits and "the decision" in the Hall of Fame section.

Guest (Tue 17 Mar 2015 20:04:36 GMT)


Hey guys haven't you considered chikaning might be wrong. It really is kind of a sick hobby. Now I'm not on a moral high horse or anything. It just seems most of you can get girls the normal way. Just an observation I guess.

Pakistani Man (Thu 12 Mar 2015 21:13:00 GMT)

Chikaning is a drug is there a cure ?

I cannot stop chikaning.Everyday I think about chikan at 530pm I rush out of the office to hit the jubilee line. Its so joyful seeing the white office girls struggling to get on the tube.

I go for young hot girls with alot of makeup hardcore whore girls.I have kissed white girl in the hair and rubbed my lips on white girls necks during rush hour its so easy. I cannot stop chikan does anyone know of a cure ?

I wish i could sandwich an office girl ohh with rock hard. he smashes her from front i arse fuck her.

Bob (Thu 12 Mar 2015 19:37:13 GMT)


I also got caught it was my first offense i ended up getting a criminal record and getting psychiatric treatment.

Two under cover police arrested me for pressing up against a girl on the Victoria line.

Guest (Thu 12 Mar 2015 12:59:13 GMT)

re red dragon

I got caught too well not caught but set up by the police officer that arrested me and I had to do time 5 weeks

registered member: RED DRAGON (Thu 12 Mar 2015 12:16:20 GMT)

Re Guest

After I got caught I had to do time mate, no going into any more info, never know who is reading this board, or even who is asking!!

Guest (Sun 08 Mar 2015 12:46:39 GMT)

RE: Red Dragon

@ Red Dragon, what happened when you got caught?

Guest6 (Thu 26 Feb 2015 13:43:33 GMT)

Re: "stopping"

I'll be real frank about this business of giving up Chikan: I can't think of stopping because I never chose to start! Haha! For as long as I can remember I would grind my widget against girls. I remember the first time realizing it felt good, and it was well before I started school. I can remember doing it in first grade and beyond. It seemed to me to be natural. Not until some older kud

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registered member: RED DRAGON (Thu 26 Feb 2015 11:41:22 GMT)

Re Pakistani man

I would guess the only "cure" to the beast within is the desire to stop, that's the key, and its the same with any addiction, no one can tell you you need to stop, or try to convince you what you're doing is wrong, because it wont work, I don't want to stop, I need to be a bit more careful sometimes but stop no! I have been caught a few times and once served time, but has it stopped me? no! I love the feeling of having my hard cock against a girl or where I know she can feel it or have my hard on in the face of a hot slut, that's it for me.

To be able to stop requires the will to want to stop and the determination to go through what in some ways must be a form of "cold turkey" right?

I hope that helps mate!

Be safe!

automan (Fri 26 Sep 2014 23:39:24 GMT)


I quit!

Guest (Thu 11 Sep 2014 23:02:56 GMT)

re: im quiting

and ppl in the main board are talking about chikan disaster when they cannot find a girl to nut.

chiking: chiking (Thu 11 Sep 2014 00:51:43 GMT)

im quiting

I almost got caught they have stupid app that random people can take pictures of you anonymously. It's not worth the trouble i got away because the victim didn't want to press charges i think she liked it. But it's not worth losing everything...

Not Another Guest from the Abused Section (Mon 11 Aug 2014 16:34:07 GMT)

Why and How I quit

After giving about 20 some odd years to chikan, i quit for good about 2 years ago. As weird as this may sound, i have this site to thank for it. When i discovered this site, it was around the time that the people you see in the archives were regular posters. There was one poster, whose story really got me thinking and started me on my road to quitting for good. I will not mention his name. It wa

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Guest (Mon 05 May 2014 09:18:16 GMT)

you better spot grabbing female ass

you better spot grabbing female ass or your ass kicked like this


Max Mond (Mon 24 Jun 2013 23:28:32 GMT)

how to quit

It all comes down to depression. When you're depressed, you're likely to chikan, some see ghosts, others see ufos. But when we're not depressed, we just don't feel the need to chikan. Find out what ails you, and take care of yourself. For me, it was a weight issue, relationship issue, and a career issue. Everytime I broke up with someone, I would hit the subways and think women

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muslim fighter (Wed 29 May 2013 20:00:22 GMT)

the koran changed me

After reading the holy koran i stopped chikaning for good.I am now a good man and not a chikan loser

GroinRubber. (Tue 02 Apr 2013 20:02:20 GMT)



Thanks for your posting guest regarding an 'explanation' and this is not an overnight decision, although I can see whay it may look that way to the reader.

Well, a 'little' something did happen at the gig, and I'm still processing the significance of this 'something'.I guess It was nothing in itself really, but I feel it just added to

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guest (Mon 01 Apr 2013 23:56:51 GMT)


hey groinrubber dont you think we at least deserve an explenation? may i ask why youre quiting all the sudden? you were chikaning and hunting for women like hell then the next day you say,i decided to give quiting a go??

youre quiting coz you must've messed up something.. or probably some women slapped the frotting of your lips? lol

Guestz (Sun 31 Mar 2013 22:44:21 GMT)

GR Retirement

Hey GroinRubber, I know you won't let any negative talk affect you, so move on. What you are trying to do is right. I think that what it does is kinda force us to look at our lives and what we've become. Any sane person would be that way. I have started thinking myself. Now I'll be honest: the spring and summer months are coming just about here, and for me there's no way I won&

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GroinRubber. (Sun 31 Mar 2013 19:51:29 GMT)

RE: Retirement / Quitting.

Well, I would have put a cool $1000 that Don and pervert bastard would respond to my retirement post in an abusive manner, and hey...guess what.....Bees to the honey pot LOL !! (I'm off to the betting store for this post)

As for the 'guest' poster whom said I have serious issues. Well, I go out and rub my bell end all over planned targets asses, or I blow loads on naked thigh

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Shogie (Sat 30 Mar 2013 13:09:30 GMT)

One Last Thing

Find plenty of other activities to get your mind off of chikan including other SEXUAL activities. If you're laying down with girls for sex versus chikaning them, well that's a legitimate part of abstaining from chikan! I fuck lots and lots of girls in the ass (literally), but that's for another time and place on another board LOL!

Shogie (Sat 30 Mar 2013 12:31:25 GMT)

My Advice

If you want to try to quit it, then DO NOT write! Don't write any more stories. It would even be good if you did not read or watch ANY chikan, but I know that would be too much to ask at the start. So, just don't write any more stories for awhile. Just read and nothing more.

Then maybe at some point you can go to not reading and watching chikan clips. Of course, that is a nec

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GroinRubber. (Fri 29 Mar 2013 20:06:02 GMT)

??? Retirement ???

Well, I have decided to 'Have another go' at retiring. Notice how I have not referred to it as quitting at this time. It's not been quite 24 hours as I write now, but a lot has happened, and particularly something that has NEVER happened before.

Firstly, and least important, I have destroyed all of my chikan gear. This in itself means nothing at all as I have done this quite

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guest (Sat 23 Mar 2013 17:00:35 GMT)

GR Crying

Yeah GR what are you crying about? Put that nonsense on the quit topic.

Latina Slayer: JMONEY (Wed 16 Jan 2013 16:00:33 GMT)


yes it is true, even the therapist I went to was not that familiar with the Chikan groping, philosophy. I am sure he knew some details but I think he seemed surprised when I would mention a friday night say grope session on the train just because my girlfriend was not available. He seemed surprised I was still doin this so many years later. I told him I started when I was 12 or 13. Now, of cour

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webmaster: ayashi (Sun 13 Jan 2013 01:44:27 GMT)

Re: Question

I had tried to find a therapist. And I asked few medical professionals about chikan therapy. But nothing really aimed to it was available at the time. So, it depend on where you live, I think. If you are lucky and you can find the therapist nearby, it worth to try.

Latina Slayer: JMONEY (Sat 12 Jan 2013 20:57:56 GMT)


Have any of your guys actually gone to a therapist and talked about this groping and chikan addiction. I have been not as active past few years but I felt like that helped me do that. Went to therapy for just a few months and it just kinda was something I needed to tell at least someone. Now I only do my shit at concerts here in NY, the train scene is fucked, too many people getting arrested. I have seen it with my own eyes.

Bum boy (Sun 25 Nov 2012 11:24:17 GMT)


Oh Don......Sticks and Stones!!! I think you need to go out into the world and actually experience chikan before visiting boards like this.

Don (Sat 24 Nov 2012 18:46:42 GMT)

what a joke

My response to the Groinrubber and bum boy couple is in the abuse section i know it was put in there because it was too much truth for the both of you ha ha

Pervertbastard (Sat 24 Nov 2012 12:13:37 GMT)


It's "amateurs"

GroinRubber. (Sat 24 Nov 2012 00:03:15 GMT)


Bum Boy (Fri 23 Nov 2012 23:15:32 GMT)


Don - Maybe you should just do eveyone a favour and shut the fuck up! It's evident that you are no expert in chikan Shadow - HSH -MTG and of course GroinRubber. Just remind us all, when did u last post even a half decent story?

As for you PervertBastard. Maybe you should keep your hateful comments to yourself. OK, so GroinRubber went on a bit, and should have put it on the quit section. But he was right in what he said. Maybe that's what's angered you so much? Have you taken a look in the mirror recently like GR has?

Don (Thu 22 Nov 2012 23:58:58 GMT)


Leo187 speak for yourself man Groinrubber is not the savior of the main board I look in the archives all the time Look at all the veteran big time chikan writers that are far better than him. Even the writers mr teen groper and high school humper are much much better. Just because someone posts stories a lot does not make them better than everyone else Groinrubber has stories that are trash and he will not be missed on the main board. Nobody gives a shit about those stupid captions either no one has responded to any of them at all because they are boring. He should just quit and do every one else on the main board a favor.

Leo187: Leo187 (Thu 22 Nov 2012 21:00:52 GMT)

The One And Only GroinRubber

Hey GroinRubber, I agree with Guest & LegHumper and think you should cut down (not quit) on your gigs and your overall Chikan activity, perhaps this might make a difference. When one spends too much time and effort hunting for ass its inevitable that it will eventually bring them down. Your C.A.T.S is definately real and not a "phantom", I'm sure that guys who frequent prostit

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LegHumper (Wed 21 Nov 2012 14:54:43 GMT)

Re: GroinRubber

You just need to scale back, my man. I guess I have it easier since I only frott in the summer when the short shorts are out, but even then I have to keep myself in check, and tell myself that this trip to the store I'm not gonna focus on trying to get some, so to speak. Otherwise I just go into this zone where every girl in shorts I see, I try to go after, LOL. I think you should go to an up

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Pervertbastard (Wed 21 Nov 2012 12:42:51 GMT)


Groinrubber i'm just about getting sick of the stupid shit you post on this board man! If you don't wanna touch girls then stop on about it man. And it embarrasses me when i hear you talking of this phantom "C.A.T.S" syndrome. I mean what the fuck? Man up and cum on some bitches and enkoy it or get off this board you degenerate wankbag of a human being. SIck sick sick of hearing your crap.

Don (Wed 21 Nov 2012 04:03:30 GMT)

stop already

Hey Groin rubber. If u wanna quit then do it already because your stories suck anyway Just take your personal shit off the main board and bring all that mess to the quit section. You just love seeking attention

GroinRubber. (Tue 20 Nov 2012 19:15:23 GMT)

Thanks Guest

Thanks for the note in the Quit section Guest. I appreciate that. I know what you're saying (with the Pizza anology) etc, but I don't feel it's as cut and dried as that, but I appreciate the view that you took.

You said something else interesting "It's not what I 'am'" That's a great point and too debatable to even begin on this board.

I w

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Guest (Mon 19 Nov 2012 20:44:54 GMT)


GR - I can relate... sort of.

I don't feel like that, but I understand what you mean. I've been there a bit but for a slightly different cause/reason. My solution was to simply quit/reduce the amount of time I spent doing that. An online board was involved, and I felt like I was posting way too much and nobody else was contributing. (There was much more to it than that, but th

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GroinRubber. (Mon 19 Nov 2012 10:05:53 GMT)



Well chikans. Whilst the following content may depress some of you, or you may feel that it's off topic, I have to post it because of it's relevance to me and to chikan. To put it bluntly, I had a successful evening at the gig on Saturday, but saying 'successful' doesn’t feel right at this moment in time!?

Before the gig, during the day at

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webmaster: ayashi (Thu 01 Nov 2012 23:28:47 GMT)

Re: Quit

Goodbye and good luck with your new life.

GroinRubber (Thu 01 Nov 2012 22:23:53 GMT)


I completely empathise with Trendy Chikan. I know just how he feels, and I understand what he means by 'real life' problems. Chikan really is just a 'game' to a degree, and a game you can't win at that!! These are my reasons for wanting/trying to quit too.

registered member: RED DRAGON (Thu 01 Nov 2012 20:05:40 GMT)

Re Trendy Chikan

Good luck, its not going to be easy, but I wish you all the best!!

Whats up smooovieee, you quit too?? c'mon man some hot stories, I had a great bus frott the recently will post it up soon ;-)

smooovieee: smooovieee (Thu 01 Nov 2012 18:52:44 GMT)

Re: The Sexy Frotteur: TrendyChikan

Good luck man, and I wish all the best to you in your quest to give up this addiction...

Guest (Thu 01 Nov 2012 18:34:54 GMT)


Great decision Trendy. Get out while you can.

other guest - Most chikans do not care what causes a crowd. As long as there is one is all that matters to some. Concert, death, act of nature or terrorism, etc......Don't be shocked by that.

Glad i left this game long time ago. It can turn your heart cold and make you do things you never thought or said you would do.

The Sexy Frotteur: TrendyChikan (Thu 01 Nov 2012 05:17:47 GMT)


I have decided to quit and I don't want to have any relationship with chikaning anymore due to real life problems. Ayashi please ip ban me from this board. That is my only wish. Farewell.

Max Mond (Mon 08 Oct 2012 17:55:28 GMT)

I've quit, but it won't quit me

I quit chikaning and moved out of NYC for the last few years. But I was in town last month for work, and got into a crowded train at Penn station. The suburban women are horny! A middle aged woman standing in front of me had a swinging free hand. Sure enough, it somehow found my legs. She slowly pushed her wrist to my crotch, and pushed the base of my cock from one side. She got me hard, and kept pushing. It was different from every before, and it amazing. Part of her wrist was touching my balls. She kept pushing gently this magical area every few seconds. It wasn't directly my cock or balls, but the base and the flesh part on the right side of my cock. It was different and amazing. As I swore to quit, next time I'll just wait for the next train when its crowded.

longtie groper (Fri 21 Sep 2012 00:35:40 GMT)

we need to stop

guys we all need to stop.....i as of today....give up groping women...and so should you...

High School Humper (Fri 14 Sep 2012 02:19:16 GMT)


Lol all this depressed talk must have caused the 3rd part of my origin story to be overlooked. Just as an update, I'll be posting the final part of it this weekend.

Also, as a side note, just thought that I'd let you guys know that I'm getting closer and closer to quitting.
And after part 4 of my story, I'll probably take a hiatus from the site.

High School Humper

freddy johnson jr (Thu 13 Sep 2012 02:09:20 GMT)

Will we do this forever...have to add my 2 cents

yes we will. we are all perverts

Joethegroper (Wed 12 Sep 2012 01:17:42 GMT)

Will we do this forever

After seeing this topic and all the responses other people have put I've decided that I have to add my 2 cents to this. I've been groping and frotting girls since summer of 8th grade and I've started my senior year right now. I haven't been intense as some and I've had my moments when I've gotten away with crazy things. I've never cummed on anyone, i don't k

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Guest (Wed 12 Sep 2012 01:01:56 GMT)


All this depressed talk caused hsh's story to be overlooked, oh the irony is hilarious!

GroinRubber. (Tue 11 Sep 2012 21:17:52 GMT)

RE: Will we do this forever/Secret Life

Hi all.

There has been some fantastic and therapeutic responses to the 'Will we Do This Forever' thread.
Thanks to you 'all' for being empathic and sympathetic about my original post and concerns. I thought the post would depress most of you and just cause ill feeling and piss-take comments, but I was wrong!!!

Great feedback from third eye open, The Shogun, gue

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registered member: MrTeenGroper (Tue 11 Sep 2012 20:18:49 GMT)

Will we do this forever... (WARNING: she may be 15 years old)

As many of you may or may have not noticed, I haven't written here in almost two months, and I think that goes to say that we all have our on and of periods. I've not quit, I've just not been active in groping. The last month and a half I haven't had any gigs to go to, so then I've not been out groping. In the last week I've been to the malls and other crowded places

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registered member: stone_7 (Tue 11 Sep 2012 01:26:05 GMT)

will we do this forever

This is a good topic. That is not possible to give a straight answer. WE will be doing this til the end of time or until we evolve into a Dick less species. As long as there is a single Dick left on earth it will probably be buried in an ass somewhere. only u will determine when U decide to quit because your Dick is not going to quit on it's own. To answer the question, you won't quit un

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Amber (Tue 11 Sep 2012 00:25:46 GMT)

Re: High School Humper

HSH I COMPLETELY AGREE MAN! Sometimes I too think it's pathetic when i see a grown man pressed up on a little teen girl. I think it's especially pathetic when the man is over 30, it makes him seem desperate and like a loser, shouldn't he be married or something? Or like be doing something more tangible?

I'm a female (22years old) and admittedly love being touched and fondled by strangers. But, I currently have a boyfriend and don't go out looking for gropers as much as use too. Maybe I'll quitting along side you Mr.HSH!

Nobody important , I'm just a female lurker ;)

Shogie (Mon 10 Sep 2012 21:44:27 GMT)

Re: The Nuttcracker - Quitting

Where do you go to get full songs for only $10? In my neck of the woods, $10 will get you an "air dance", and it isn't even a full song! For $20 you'll get some grind on that behind, but again it's not a full song. You probably need three songs at $20 a pop just to pop one nut. That's $60 bucks a nut. And then too, you can go and get a private "bed dance" for $30 a song. And still not full! That shit adds up over time man. Especially for a horny, butt-grindin' bastard! Just think about getting enough dances from three to five girls in a single night, lookin' to nut each time. Do the math. Shiiiiiiiiiit.

The Nuttcracker (Mon 10 Sep 2012 19:34:57 GMT)


Everybody has different fetishes, my fetish is humping big butts ever since I can remember. I haven't chikan for a couple years now. Where I would take my dick out and rub one till I cum. I'm the opposite than the other guy. He quit strip clubs but not chikaning. I quit chikaning but still go to strip clubs. My favorites club only charges $10 per dance for an entire song of a grinding se

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Shogie (Mon 10 Sep 2012 10:23:55 GMT)

Re: Comments on Quitting

@Groin Rubber - no, I like actual sex better than chikan, including "butt sex" LOL! I enjoy all kinds of sex, and have a particular thing for anal. Surprise, surprise! I've fucked so, so many hot girls in the ass . . . literally! All of them white and Latina.

@Guest - I agree that one never really "quits". It's more like Alcoholics Anonymous or prostitution. Once an alcoholic, always an alcoholic. Once a hoe, always a hoe. And once a chikan, always a chikan. You never quit. You only abstain for long, loooong periods of time.

High School Humper (Mon 10 Sep 2012 09:35:09 GMT)

Will we do this forever?

Absolutely not. I'll be quitting very soon.

It's becoming less exciting the older I become. Don't get me wrong, it's still exciting cumming on a girl's....but not as exciting as it once was. When I look at it from a far I begin to see how pointless if is also.
"What's the point of this?"

I've never had trouble getting females. And that

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GroinRubber. (Mon 10 Sep 2012 08:04:37 GMT)

Re: Shogie Comments.

@ Shogie.

Thanks Shogie. You seem to know where I am coming from, and it seems you have a similar pattern of logic and thought to me. I've too set target dates and they always get quashed as soon as I get turned on by a gig and the potential ass that will attend it. There MUST be another way!!!!???

I like the way you liken chikan to drugs pumping through your veins! That is so t

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guest (Mon 10 Sep 2012 03:25:37 GMT)


About quitting. I don't know if you can actually quit, but I do know you will slow down. In my case, I did it one way or another as far back as kindergarten. No lie! I'm at 50 now. Don't know how it got started but I know who was the first one. A South American girl that lived across the street where I grew up. She was 5 years older , which almost seemed grown to me then. She wore d

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third eye open (Mon 10 Sep 2012 01:13:32 GMT)

Will We do This Forever?

In my opinion YES but you do it with moderation or less.

Its in human nature to be curious, 99.99% male in my opinion would prefer to have sex with strangers they find attractive rather then having sex with the same person. Now due to circumtance when we find someone attractive but we know we can't have sex with them, so we look for alternative which gives us some form of sexual relief

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Shogie (Sun 09 Sep 2012 21:58:04 GMT)

Re: GroinRubber - Will We do This Forever?

I've set a "target date", which I might move up. That's all I can say, other than I know where you're coming from. Just be careful, and don't set unrealistic expectations for yourself.

I have other sexual addictions that I have broken, like going to strip clubs. That was a big one for me to conquer. I wasted a lot of time and money going to those places.

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GroinRubber. (Sun 09 Sep 2012 20:32:18 GMT)



I also wanted to ask you guys a 'serious' debating question, so I'd really appreciate some 'Non Jokey' feedback/replies/comments Please!

Will us chikans do this forever? After I left my gig last night and most of the morning today I realised that I DO NOT want to do this shit forever. Maybe none of us do?!

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Joethegroper (Fri 22 Jun 2012 21:04:26 GMT)

Thinking about quiting

Lately, I've thinking about quitting the game, or at least taking a break. My life's getting better I have a girl in my life who satisfies me and I haven't had an urge for chikan until earlier today with a Spanish woman who had a huge ass who I was tempted to frot I did and I didn't get erected or even feel as much as I used to. Anyway I think I might take a break or quit it for good cause it's too risky and the satisfaction for now is gone.

Guest (Mon 14 May 2012 16:53:24 GMT)


I think a man can decide to quit. If you do it for someone else, like a woman, what happens when said woman is no longer around? You can go right back to it. If you want to quit, you have to do it for yourself. This can mess your life up and for what, a couple minutes of feeling on some girl? Nah. Put it in perspective then decide. Sure it will be tough in the beginning but over time if you k

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afro d (Mon 14 May 2012 04:35:17 GMT)

Re: Scale back, use control (WARNING: she may be 21 years old)

Hi Guest, any memorable experiences you would want to share. "What I do is remember all the good times before cell phones and cameras were so popular".
Wonder what is would be like to travel back in time say in the sixties and seventies to a jam packed concert (beetles etc) with all those young ladies in micro mini skirts / dresses with probably no pants.

Guest (Sun 13 May 2012 17:21:48 GMT)

Scale back, use control (WARNING: she may be 21 years old)

This "game" can take control, if you let it. What I've learned in 40 years of chikanning is that you have to do it in moderation. I no longer hunt for it. I only go to maybe 2 concerts a year. I just try to make them really good ones. The rest of the time I just swipe some soft asses, thighs, whatever here and there. Never do I hit a target more than 2 times, even when they are game

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GroinRubber (Sat 12 May 2012 16:09:52 GMT)


I WANNA QUIT TOO!! It fucks your life up, and this game is for losers, and I say that having committed the offence myself!

registered member: Crowd Spotter (Sat 12 May 2012 05:14:38 GMT)


Well, guess what I have tried to several times! But after prolonged absences from the "game" I always went back.. I guess its called addiction...

I have given up several times but have come back months later and even years later.

So good luck to the guys who think or are quitting. Good on you but I won't be surprised if you will be back one day under another username......

registered member: RED DRAGON (Fri 11 May 2012 20:53:34 GMT)

Re quiting

Fuck there must be something in the air, I am also quiting, both flashing and frotting, it has been a BLAST!!! but I have to and will change my ways, it cant go on!!
No matter how good you are its only a matter of time I think...and mine's well over due!!

All the best to you guys be carefull I doubt I will be back as a lurker as that wont be conducive to quiting, its hard enough already without putting temptation in my way ( well more than is already out there :-(( )

Be safe guys

anonymous (Tue 08 May 2012 12:22:08 GMT)

So I got caught

After a few days of way too conspicuous chikan activity, I finally was caught by police. They were waiting for me on a street next to my house in plain clothes and not in a police car, and as I walked past they came out and asked me to step inside. I'd gotten a few good gropes in but it turned out they were waiting for me because a day or two ago I'd done it to a woman who'd called

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Guest (Mon 07 May 2012 18:44:47 GMT)


This is the main reason why i quit chikan. The video Shadow posted. I wrote on here a year or two ago that the over-aggressiveness of some chikans ruins it for the rest. Some idiot fought me tooth and nail over that comment. I cant remember his handle. This once stealth, unseen, unnoticed art has now become main stream and very out in the forefront in public. Why? How? The video Shadow post

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Joethegroper (Fri 04 May 2012 02:18:01 GMT)

Theory Quiting chikan

One time I went a good month without thinking about chikan at all. At the time I was in a relationship, I wasn't even getting that much, but the amount I got was enough to make me quit. My belief is when I get in a serious relationship that will last i'll have no need for chikan but till than I won't stop.

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