There are some women who enjoy the thrill as much as the chikan. But there is also a sample of the population who don't - who are being molested and are too scared to react. I know that this is the purpose for some of you, you enjoy chikan because you can exploit this. But know that they, your 'targets', they are people as well. They are people who are more vulnerable and unable to defend themselves from you. Our actions shape their lives permanently.

Often, stories from experienced members say something along the lines of, "I used to feel guilt for leaving a target like that, but after a while that feeling went away". This is your humanity being stripped from your body. This is your soul being overtaken by lust.

Anyone who is willing to sacrifice a woman's safety and happiness for their own pleasure is going to be punished eventually. We must know that.. there is a price for this action, and it isn't free.

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