Stepping Back

I've decided that I will be stepping back away from chikan for good. It just doesn't bring the same kind of thrill and excitement that it once used to. It's almost too easy for me for one thing. I can not engage in it for eons and eons of time, only to "cum" back and start nutting against strange girls again all over the place . . . again and again and again like I never stopped . . . chikan no longer has the same appeal. I would rather fuck for real.

Don't get me wrong. Once a chikan, always a chikan! I will always want to read about chikan. I will always want to watch a good chikan video. And of course, I will continue to delivery my "commentary" here and there. But as far as doing it? Maybe only like on big chikan nights like St. Patrick's Day, Halloween, and New Years. And special events/occasions as they present themselves. And that's it! I'm semi-retiring and moving on my fellow chikans.

Now you chikans be careful out there. Do your jobs. And for Christ's sake you DO NOT get caught with your fuckin' dicks out!!! OK???

Black Shogun!!!

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