Long-Term Abstinence

I have not chikan butt fucked anybody for nearly three years now. I've gone through periods like this before. Long stretches of no chikan for even years at a time, only to come back with a vengeance! That's why you have seen "booms" and "busts" stretches in terms of stories from me.

Don't get me wrong. I've been really tempted badly a few times. Especially in this last year. Attractive blondes with plump, white bubble butts in tight yoga pants! Whew! But, I have successfully resisted and abstained all of this time. About three years. And this time around, I hope I don't come back. Too much on the line if caught. I enjoy the stories, pics, and vids of others. But for now, I remain out of "the practice".

Chikans! Be safe out there! Do your jobs! But don't get caught! Especially with your dicks out! Ha!

Once a chikan, ALWAYS a chikan,

Black Shogun!!!

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