teen lovee

my story starts in the summer 2013 warning 15 yrs old It wasn't too hot a little mild, Their is every year the jazz festival, It was a saturday afternoon alot people but, alot of awesome hot teens, So anyway i had a cigarette, scoping the area, there was two girls one was white about 5-4 maybe 15 with medium light brown hair, pretty but her friend WoW! she is 5-5 with green eyes and blonde medium hairboth had nice asses but the one i want is the blonde she was wearing a pink tank top with a fair size boobs she had these faded dark blue skinny jeans, with no pockets, So i walked close them, they were watching kids running through the sprinklers, the one's that shoot up high, anyways the girl with medium light brown hair was taunting her blonde friend, you want to with a smile and the blonde thought for a moment, then she agreed , my heart star

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