Hey what's up guys, I wonder if anyone of y'all have thought about his last day on earth and where he could be heading..see I'm a former chikan and I know how enticing this activity activity could be but it's all lust and we're living a lie..I know some of y'all deep inside know that this is wrong but for some reason you can't stop cause the feeling is so strong but it is a sin and we need to ask God for forginess. I'm still dealing with the thoughts vut I feel like I can overcome it so can you..I love y'all my brothers, your soul is at stake my brother, where you're going to spend eternity? I'm sure their won't be none of that stuff on the other side. Just pray and ask God to guide through this and He will.. I just felt it in my heart to share this with y'all.. Go read tge Gospel of Barnabas, that should definitely help. Peace

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