Public places dangers

I don't recommend anybody who is not 100% sure what they're doing and fully secure about surroundings and the people around, should try ANYTHING in public.

I have been out of the game for quite a while mainly because I've been driving lots more and haven't used public transport for years. When I had to use the bus recently and noticed that there's some half-chances here and there to get a good feel or grope I also noticed how so many people watch and notice everybody else. People don't seem as zoned out or naieve as much as they did even 5 years ago.

Hell when I was in Uni about 8 years ago things were so much easier. Although I do think there are some cities where the general awareness is lower - such as Brighton, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Birmingham.

Chances are a hot bitch is going to be getting perved at and trying something on her will get you in peoples line of sight too.

I'm going to start trying exclusively at clubs and concerts. Don't want my life ruined risking this in public and I advise anybody who isn't seasoned or fully understands the risks to do the same.

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