Return to the city

I had to come to NY for work a few weeks ago and had to take the subway. On the 7 train in Queens, I got into a train which became packed with students. I didn't do anything, but some short teenage girls decided to have fun with me. It was so packed and my old lust was awakened, I couldn't resist their advances. One Spanish looking girl pushed her back into my crotch, as her ass was too low. She kept rocking back and forth till I got hard, and then she leaned her whole warm body into me for the rest of the ride on that train. Kinda nice. On the next train in Manhattan, heading downtown, I got into a train car as the door was closing. A blonde girl in business clothes, three bodies away from me, was staring at my eyes. It was like she knew what I had done. I felt embarrassed for a few seconds. At the next stop, I had to get out to let people off, and when I got back in I made sure to be near her. She also shifted around near me. Since I'm tall, its hard to reach girls' asses with my dick without bending my knees. So next best thing, I moved around to her side and rested my cock on her hip. After the train started moving and rocking, she looked at me suspiciously for a few seconds. An cop was standing in plain clothes and his badge around his neck at the door. He kept staring at me and touched the badge, as if warning me. I did not move at all. Fortunately, the girl was was game. She closed her eyes, and started pressing my dick with her hips until I got hard. My cock was now in front of her hip, and she shoved her hip into my balls and at the base of my cock. I opened my legs a bit to let her. With the cop staring the whole time, my heart was beating very fast and I felt my temperature rising.She then moved her hip forwards and backwards as if stroking me. She got off at the next stop, didn't smile or look back, as if nothing happened. The cop got off and then on, and still kept staring at me, but with nasty looks. Lucky for me I didn't cum.

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