Pakistani man...

Don't stop the game will always be inside you, it has become a part of you a part of your life.. It's all you know.. Try and fight it and the urge to do it is more powerful..
Instead keep at it.. But keep it low key... Try and be more discreet.. Read my stories I used to be monster... Sometimes I still am.. But ive learned to read situations.. Ok that's not a given.. But ive stopped being so forceful, so aggressive so penetrative.. I will stick my cock up against a girl but when it get to the point it's too hard and too firm against her I will try and ease off her make the contact minimal.. Try and act uncomfortable.. And as soon as the train empties.. Makes space and keep away from her.. Move to the other side and do not look at her, no eye contact. And never get off.. Hold ur ground.. You done nothing wrong.. Running looks guity.. But holding your ground is good.. Even stay on the train longer than she does..
Be proud.. Like you have nothing to hide..
If a girl speak Oi against you.. Try and justify why you are so close.. Say something like 'look I know this wa uncomfortable for you, but it was also uncomfortable to me, I didn't choose to be pressed against you rhe train was busy and I'm trying to get somewhere exactly the same as you are.' Blah blah..
I think if someone accuses you of seething try to reason with them instead of being like se guys saying your an ugly bitch why would i wana squash against you..
Trying to reason will build an unlikely bridge.. It may help you..just don't confess to having an erection or pressing against them.
Anyway look I can't tell you what to do im not saying quit it's East to say that but hard to do ive tried many times and failed. But ive learnt to read rhe game better to try and put myself into their minds nothing seems intentional make them feel
Like it was circumstantial (it happened Becuase the train was busy not Becuase you targeted them) one last bit of advice.. Undercover cops are everywhere be very aware of whose around you..

Just be careful that is all.

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