Re: "stopping"

I'll be real frank about this business of giving up Chikan: I can't think of stopping because I never chose to start! Haha! For as long as I can remember I would grind my widget against girls. I remember the first time realizing it felt good, and it was well before I started school. I can remember doing it in first grade and beyond. It seemed to me to be natural. Not until some older kuds pulled me away from a girl in my class, on the playground, did I start wondering about it. I think I stopped after that incident, for a good while. But by the 4th grade I saw guys in my class routinely do it, and the girls only giggled. Some would even bend over the desk and let them grind their asses, doggie-style, which really charged me up! I didn't know why my pecker got hard, but it did. By this time I was more shy about girls, so I didn't join in with the fun, but I would sneak and rub it on girls. I had ways to do it, and I think the beginining of being a chikan started. Anyway, that's hoe I got into this thing we call chikan, and since I've done it all my life, why stop now? I'm mid fifties now, and I've rubbed on an awful lot of girls, and only twice have I had any real trouble. But not involving law enforcement. I die a chikan.

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