how to quit

It all comes down to depression. When you're depressed, you're likely to chikan, some see ghosts, others see ufos. But when we're not depressed, we just don't feel the need to chikan. Find out what ails you, and take care of yourself. For me, it was a weight issue, relationship issue, and a career issue. Everytime I broke up with someone, I would hit the subways and think women wanted to grind me. Actually, I still feel women want to grind me. But, it only happens when I'm depressed. I wasn't going up the ladder at work, and that got me depressed. So I changed jobs, and actually moved away from NYC to a cheaper place. Now I have a lot of disposable money, even though I make less. Last, this is the most important. Exercise! If you are fit, nothing gets you down. For me, I mixed up martial arts and cardio into my regular heavy weight routine. I'm not as big, but I'm cut and i feel so damn alert, and it acted like a mood stabilizer. Take care of yourselves and try to be happy. Good luck everyone.

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