Thanks for your posting guest regarding an 'explanation' and this is not an overnight decision, although I can see whay it may look that way to the reader.

Well, a 'little' something did happen at the gig, and I'm still processing the significance of this 'something'.I guess It was nothing in itself really, but I feel it just added to the pressures/growing anxiety of the hunt which I've been feeling as time has passed by (I'm not even sure 'pressure' is the right word).

When I arrived at the gig it was sparse at the front, despite a hguge Q outside. I was with 'my friend the enemy' and his friend (also the fucking enemy on this night. lol). There was this blonde chick up against the barricade in a thin sliky green dress, and I wanted to test the waters and get on her as early as possible before the crowds closed in.

I felt one of the security was already eyeing me surreptitiously, but still went ahead with my movements. I edged slowly toward her over a period of about 15 minutes or so in the then sparse crowd, My friends the enemies just automatically followed my lead.

When I was close, my eyes kept on meeting the security guards, so I knew I couldn’t bell-end or back-hand her, so what I did was bump her ass with my ass, to test connectivity and to see if there was a reaction of any kind. There was. She turned around, didn't say anything, and then turned back.

The next minute, the security guard had his hands on my arms, and said "Can you move back a little man". He wasn’t hostile, but he was astute, and I felt he knew I was up to 'something'. This really rattled my fucking cage, and although he went back to playing with his cell phone 15 minutes later, I felt like a captured/wounded animal.

As I say, this was something and nothing, and if nothing else just proved my growing complacency when 'on the hunt' Maybe it was that straw that broke the camels back, I don't know. I'm still processing the evenings events, but it's little things like this that scare the fucking living daylights out of me, thus making me question and ascertain a future on the hunting grounds.

On a completely different note:


I remember one time, not so long back, when I was writing stories here or putting up whatever post it was I felt would create some fun, that I used to think about us all, sitting at our different computers. In our different homes, in our different locations around the world.

I used to imagine what all of us looked like, or did in our everyday lives. This created a kind of unity for me, that made me feel I was here with 'like minded' people that shared the same thoughts, albeit on different levels.

The 'Abuse' section has completely fractured that unity for me over recent months. Have you seen it lately? It's a mess. I'm even being abused because someone referred to me as a pet name 'GR', which is ridiculously laughable, as I abbreviate my name like this anyway at times! Lol!!

It seems some sit there in wait to simply abuse. Ayashi, maybe it would do some good to eradicate the abuse section, and just have a main board and a quit section, as that's really all you need.
Having an abuse board is unproductive, impractical, and just invites abuse that everyone can do without, especially when 90% of it is utter nonsense!

If people want to write things, why not just post it on the main board, and Ayashi can filter anything out that would be unproductive or downright offensive, of which most of it is. Why would someone post ONLY on an abuse board? Where is the fucking sense in that?

“Scrap i”t Ayashi, and you'll find that you will filter out all the dead wood and non-chikans here that just wait there like fucking pathetic beetles waiting to attack any comment. The Board will be a better place without it!
If people only come here (or any board for that matter) to unjustifiably abuse others, then WHY would you want a segment that invites it. It's madness!!

I hope you real chikans are ready for the warm weather. Me well...who fucking knows!? I'd love to think that I do, but we all know I don't


(I love my pet name lol)!

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