GR Retirement

Hey GroinRubber, I know you won't let any negative talk affect you, so move on. What you are trying to do is right. I think that what it does is kinda force us to look at our lives and what we've become. Any sane person would be that way. I have started thinking myself. Now I'll be honest: the spring and summer months are coming just about here, and for me there's no way I won't get out when possible and do something. I mentioned some time ago a free 3-day festival was on my horizon, and I'm going to be there. But just to control it somewhat, I bought tickets to an event for me and my significant other, just so I won't spend the whole weekend trying to get on some targets backside! I did this for one reason: there's a chance that the first night at the free concert will be great; then I'll go out with my girl on the second night. Now when the 3rd and final free night comes along, if I feel bad about the first night, I'll stay home. I've done it like that before and it worked. I've found that controlling my urge to be on the hunt has helped me not do so much. Because believe me when I say it, over the years I've wasted a lot of seed! So my way, not suggesting you try it, everyone is different, of scaling back is to gradually back away. I used to be at every and any concert/venue/crowd trying to hump, but be its a few times a year. All of my stories GR are 100% true, and there are a lot I can't remember enough details to, so I don't post them. I've written some under just "Guest" or other names, but there true. I have felt bad about some of my targets, then there were those many targets that I know liked it, and those are the ones I truly want to conquer. So in ending my rambling, I want to say do what's best to make you feel good about yourself. If quitting does that, then quit. If taking a break helps you, then take a sabbatical! No one should be bashing you because everyone on here should know you could be caught doing it one day, and on that day you'll consider/understand why GR is thinking like he is! Trust me, I never got caught chikanning, but I almost got into some serious trouble over groping! That was scary, and I curtailed that activity tremendously, so I never had anymore trouble. So I speak with some experience. Again, good luck GR, and I hope we get an update on how you're doing, but don't get on here and read too much because it could get you off-track easily!

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