RE: Retirement / Quitting.

Well, I would have put a cool $1000 that Don and pervert bastard would respond to my retirement post in an abusive manner, and hey...guess what.....Bees to the honey pot LOL !! (I'm off to the betting store for this post)

As for the 'guest' poster whom said I have serious issues. Well, I go out and rub my bell end all over planned targets asses, or I blow loads on naked thighs and backs, all pre-planned......OF COURSE I HAVE FUCKING ISSUES!! Any chikan whom does the same as me and thinks they don't have issues may actually have bigger issues than me. Either that or they are just completely unaware of self.

Thanks to you 'true' chikans, Shogie and Guestz for your comments and good luck. I have taken all comments and suggestions on board. Thank you!

Anyway, hey, who says I'll retire/quit. I only said I'm going to have a go. I've had many attempts at quitting, only to come back here with egg on my face, and who's to say that won't be the case again, especially with the hot weather looming. I know it will be difficult, and I am aware that I am over analytical at times, but I wanted to share my feelings with like minded people (you).

I did everything right, and posted on the 'Quit' section, but I still got unwarranted abuse, but I guess that's the way it is, and the way it's always going to be here, and I won't be the first or last to endure this. To those the give the abuse/unwarranted comments,I want to ask the question “When you do this, what's happening for you”?

Anyway, I continue my quest, and although Shogie advises against it, I may still read here, but this is purely for a weaning process...I think ?!?!

Thanks again Guestz and Shogie, and keep the board alive with your ever brilliant postings.


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