My Advice

If you want to try to quit it, then DO NOT write! Don't write any more stories. It would even be good if you did not read or watch ANY chikan, but I know that would be too much to ask at the start. So, just don't write any more stories for awhile. Just read and nothing more.

Then maybe at some point you can go to not reading and watching chikan clips. Of course, that is a necessary step for getting to quitting. At least until you have it under control. Why? Because every time you read a good story or see a good clip, that's going to tempt you to go out and do it again! You need to abstain.

So, if you want to quit, then you MUST get to the point of not reading and watching chikan too. That's absolutely essential. Then, once you have it under control, then maybe you can come back to reading and watching without participating. This is what has worked for me for up to a couple of years at a time.

Also, look at chikan as like being an alcoholic. Once an alcoholic always an alcoholic. Once a chikan always a chikan! Especially for chikans like us who are PROFESSIONALS. GR, I didn't write a story about it, and I won't, but I mentioned recently what happened in a bar. It was probably the closest thing to having REAL public anal sex that I have ever experienced in my life. EVER! Think about that. I was digging all up in between that girl's butt cheeks, and it was like she didn't even realize it! For a LONG time. TWICE in the night. And then I spermed.

That's hard to quit man. That's hard to quit. That's a drug. That's a drug man. That's chikan entering your veins. That's "alcoholism". We can't get rid of it for good. We can only control it. Abstain. Don't pick up that "bottle." You gotta throw all that "alcohol" out if you want to abstain. That's the only way. And that took a lot of guts to make that confession to a friend by the way. Hope the person does not turn against you. Now that you've come out, maybe you should seek professional help. And good luck!

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