yes it is true, even the therapist I went to was not that familiar with the Chikan groping, philosophy. I am sure he knew some details but I think he seemed surprised when I would mention a friday night say grope session on the train just because my girlfriend was not available. He seemed surprised I was still doin this so many years later. I told him I started when I was 12 or 13. Now, of course I never do the subway thing, but it is really hard to quit. I have quit for maybe two years at a time, then the hunger just comes back, I almost get the same youth energy like when I first started. I am in my thirties now, I saw the therapist in my late 20's. I think it helped a little just talking but I did not keep up the therapy because it was expensive, my health care would not pay anymore, it would have been about $95 or 100 each time with the insurance.

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