The One And Only GroinRubber

Hey GroinRubber, I agree with Guest & LegHumper and think you should cut down (not quit) on your gigs and your overall Chikan activity, perhaps this might make a difference. When one spends too much time and effort hunting for ass its inevitable that it will eventually bring them down. Your C.A.T.S is definately real and not a "phantom", I'm sure that guys who frequent prostitutes will experience it, and even guys that pick up a different chick every week from a club or bar will eventually experience it.

I for one haven't been out on the "hunt" in months, that explains why I haven't posted here lately. I'm currently with a hottie who most definately satisfies my obsession with the female ass, but we all know that dating/fucking a hot girl is no long term "cure" for chikan. I've demoted myself to "opportunist chikan" for the time being, for example I was at a club a few weeks back with some buddies and had my hand and then my cock buried in the ass of a gorgeous blond chick in a tiny mini skirt, nothing worth writing a story about but it felt great while it lasted.

Anyways bro, I believe if you cut down a little on the hunt, it won't get you down as much, especially if you've been doing this for years now. All the negative comments about you have been uncalled for, as I have stated before your presence here is much needed, and this board wouldn't be the same without you, i'm sure Ayashi and the majority of members here agree with me.

Till next time take care all,


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