Re: GroinRubber

You just need to scale back, my man. I guess I have it easier since I only frott in the summer when the short shorts are out, but even then I have to keep myself in check, and tell myself that this trip to the store I'm not gonna focus on trying to get some, so to speak. Otherwise I just go into this zone where every girl in shorts I see, I try to go after, LOL. I think you should go to an upcoming concert and wear those jeans you mentioned. Don't even think about frotting-- instead just enjoy the bands and have a great time. Do this a few times. Save the joggers for the big events, the ones where you're guaranteed chikan heaven without much effort. This will make those occasions even better since you're not getting a nut at every event you go to, and will hopefully lessen the guilt since you'll then go back to your normal life.

I hope that whatever you end up deciding to do that you're happy. A case of C.A.T.S is okay for a couple hours after the event, but it should end there for your health's sake, man.

Be safe.

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