Thanks Guest

Thanks for the note in the Quit section Guest. I appreciate that. I know what you're saying (with the Pizza anology) etc, but I don't feel it's as cut and dried as that, but I appreciate the view that you took.

You said something else interesting "It's not what I 'am'" That's a great point and too debatable to even begin on this board.

I wonder if for some us on the board it 'IS' what we are?? I don't feel personally that it's what I am, but then again, I do sometimes wonder 'What have I become' if that makes sense. I don't feel like that all the time, but lately I do.

Thanks again Guest.

PS: Get a handle, Your comments and posts are too erudite at times to not have a handle of somesort, just so we can seperate the many 'Guests' here.(one guest calls himself Guezt or something, which is better.

Anyway, I'll post the story soon and forget this nonsense rant for the time being. Thanks again all


PPS: HSH ?? Have you quit?? Just a quick post to let me/us what's going down in your world.

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