GR - I can relate... sort of.

I don't feel like that, but I understand what you mean. I've been there a bit but for a slightly different cause/reason. My solution was to simply quit/reduce the amount of time I spent doing that. An online board was involved, and I felt like I was posting way too much and nobody else was contributing. (There was much more to it than that, but the website was one component). So it was a somewhat similar situation.

I still indulge in the core activity that is/was involved, but it's not something I "am", it's just something I do on occasion. The difference, for me, was focus and amount of time/energy I spent on it. That's why I mentioned the focus thing and what you focus on is what you become.

Let's say you spent way too much time eating pizza. There's nothing really wrong with a little pizza, but if you spend too much time eating it eventually you'll think, "I'm a worthless no good pizza eater" or something like that. Because there is nothing really "good" or of value from eating pizza. But since you do it so much, that is what you are. And then your brain says "hey, that's not really me/you... I don't like that".

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