Will we do this forever

After seeing this topic and all the responses other people have put I've decided that I have to add my 2 cents to this. I've been groping and frotting girls since summer of 8th grade and I've started my senior year right now. I haven't been intense as some and I've had my moments when I've gotten away with crazy things. I've never cummed on anyone, i don't know if I ever will but... after going through this many years I've noticed I've wasted a lot of time I could've been doing something useful. Yeah it may sound cliche but I could've been doing something to better the world than just humping a girls ass. I've been in situations were I go to the store wait for the line to get large and get behind a girl with a big ass just to hump her ass for 2 minutes. I mean is it worth it? I can't give a definite answer on this but I hope I quit sooner than later. I don't want to be a full grown adult doing this cause you know there's alot worse consequences than being a teen and getting caught. I also have a girl and I feel bad when I do shit like this but its habit. It's a bad habit in the end. This sin't the worst thing in the world but this has lead to me getting and trouble in different ways, and like someone said before me it's like I'm living a double life! I tried to go to a place specifically to chikan once and my friends showed up and I had to cancel plans and chill with them. Why would I even plan to go somewhere alone just to chikan anyway? It's crazy and doesn't make sense but it's like a drug the rush is crazy you just wanna do it more and more and more! In the end I feel like I got alot more crazy moments left before I throw in the towel, but I know I gotta quit one day. We can't do it forever (but I will always be tempted to in a crowded concert no matter what!).

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