will we do this forever

This is a good topic. That is not possible to give a straight answer. WE will be doing this til the end of time or until we evolve into a Dick less species. As long as there is a single Dick left on earth it will probably be buried in an ass somewhere. only u will determine when U decide to quit because your Dick is not going to quit on it's own. To answer the question, you won't quit until the wrong bitch decides to cut your shit off lol joke. But in all seriousness groin rubber, I think I might know your issue with this game, correct me if wrong. Maybe you are a single guy that has a particular goal that u feel u will miss out on. that's the reason you have cats. I think if u were to settle down with a good woman, have some kids, earn a good living, and add a new hobby besides chikan, I think u will be happy person. Maybe u just need a break which honestly will suck because your stories have kept this board alive. You would be greatly missed, I mean u can do what I did which is the same advice I'm giving u now. I got on this thread in 08 as a single highschool kid with no responsibilities. I now have a child and family so I chikan less but my fiance and child are my world not chikan it is now just an opportunistic hobby. I personally don't see myself ever quitting. I've been at it for 9 years, started at 12 in middle school. My advice to everyone would just be to pursue your goals first and if u still want to chikan there's nothing wrong with that,chikan is just frowned upon I doubt you'll go to hell. We all have our own religious beliefs and that will drive some of u to quit. Others will just progress to a more fulfilling stage in life. But I bet when u decide to hang it up permanently, your inner chikan will return and opportunity will come knocking once again. Not to discourage you but I have not heard any on these brothers quitting for good, they always return for the thrill. you might be a great person and become successful at whatever u decide to do. Your also a chikan just embrace it my man and overcome your cats, it's ruining your fun bro. Good luck to you though. Chikan is like a military enlistment, your at it consistently for awhile, then u go on vacation for awhile. But as far as highschool Humpty lol
(not making fun of your name, my phone won't allow me to type it correctly so it just put that instead which is hilarious) I don't think that festival will be the last we see of u. After your vacation I'm sure you'll be back to deploy in some big phat juicy ass cracks. you can't stop yet buddy you have your whole life ahead of u and phat asses in front of u. We would hate to see u go, your stories are great and you are on your way to chikan enlightenment ie hall of fame.
Good luck to all of u guys whatever u decide to do.

P.s I have been to busy and have not had the privacy to write much but I'm thinking of starting a chronicle called a day in the life of a chikan. I had a recent gig which will be my first story from a month ago it was none other than the vans warped tour. If u guys have never been there u need to go. It is mostly a ten crowd but all ages are safe to go for all u older heads out there, parents usually accompany their kids to this event so it's no big risk. I went to it twice and it's the best, always packed with unlimited ass. Mostly just white ass though. I prefer latinas the most and black girls too if they are dimes. I just like a big plump booty on a slim waist in general. I'm not too picky all races welcome. But anyway, I will start sharing some more of the many experiences during the time away. I had my first Dick out cum on ass too.

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