Everybody has different fetishes, my fetish is humping big butts ever since I can remember. I haven't chikan for a couple years now. Where I would take my dick out and rub one till I cum. I'm the opposite than the other guy. He quit strip clubs but not chikaning. I quit chikaning but still go to strip clubs. My favorites club only charges $10 per dance for an entire song of a grinding session. I always wear thin basketball shorts or sweats to enjoy the dance better. I always pick a girl with a big bubble butt and with 3 or 4 dances I always cum. 30-40 dollars is not a big deal for me, and this has help me quit my chikan addiction. With 0 risk, where I have alot to lose if I get caught doing this in public now. But I won't lie, if a oppurtunity presents itself when I'm in a crowded bus or in dancing club or concert, and the girl initiates the contact, I won't back away. But I don't longer go to those places looking for that. Had a great run when I was younger and had nothing to lose humping lots and lots of women. My favorite memories were in crowded subways in new York with all those big booty Latinas and black girls. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh :-)

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