Will we do this forever?

Absolutely not. I'll be quitting very soon.

It's becoming less exciting the older I become. Don't get me wrong, it's still exciting cumming on a girl's....but not as exciting as it once was. When I look at it from a far I begin to see how pointless if is also.
"What's the point of this?"

I've never had trouble getting females. And that is one of the reason why i'll be quitting soon.

Think about it

so instead of talking to a girl (like a normal guy) I just rub my cock on her, get my nut and accomplish what? Nothing. Instead of rubbing up on her I can get to know her, talk to her, get her number, etc.
The fact that I have sex makes it even MORE pointless, because instead of nutting in a vagina like normal human being, I choose to cum on the back of some leggings. And that's just stupid.

Another reason I want to quit is because, I can't imagine taking this shit out into the real world, and letting it occupy any part of my life.
For example, when I see a GROWN man, who should have a wife and family, rubbing against a teen,it bothers me and make me wonder if this guy isn't just ashamed of himself. I never want that to be me.

Maybe that's why I'm so reckless, because this will probably be the last time I'll do this, so I might as well make the memories of it worthwhile.

Another reason I may quit is because, the older I get the less and less I feel inclined to rub up on some girl. Maybe this just some strange adolescent fetish, that I'll grow out of.
And it's also becoming somewhat of a nuisance in my life. And it feels as though I'm living a double life. I have friends, and a great social life, and know many females that I could easily get into a relationship with.

What if someone I know catches me doing this? What of i get caught? What will my family say?

I will quit.

I'll do something cathartic to end this chapter in my life.
As of now, my plan is to go to a large music festival that goes on all day long, and is known for being crowded and packed. While there I'll nut on as many asses as possible, and then after it's all over, I'll end this chapter of my life forever.

Hope that wasn't too depressing lol.

High School Humper

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