Re: Shogie Comments.

@ Shogie.

Thanks Shogie. You seem to know where I am coming from, and it seems you have a similar pattern of logic and thought to me. I've too set target dates and they always get quashed as soon as I get turned on by a gig and the potential ass that will attend it. There MUST be another way!!!!???

I like the way you liken chikan to drugs pumping through your veins! That is so true. Would it be fair to say most of us here prefer chikan to sex, or at best, at least find the two equal?? That can't be normal....can it??
I really appreciate your comments Shogie - Thanks!

I half expected everyone to just post comments like 'Just get on with it' or Well, just quit then' etc etc!!

But that's not the way it happens in real life as you so rightly say shogie!
Tanks again, and any other comments from any of you would be appreciated.

How about you HSH. I expect you're one of the younger chikans. How do you feel about 'Will we do this forver' ?


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