About quitting. I don't know if you can actually quit, but I do know you will slow down. In my case, I did it one way or another as far back as kindergarten. No lie! I'm at 50 now. Don't know how it got started but I know who was the first one. A South American girl that lived across the street where I grew up. She was 5 years older , which almost seemed grown to me then. She wore dresses with the prettiest legs and I remember falling on her playing once and it felt good between my legs being against her do I kept doing it. Never forgot it. I remember the same thing in 1st grade. An older student had to pull me off! After that I didn't do it do much, until maybe 4th grade. My point though is I've done it in one form or another all this time, and I'm married an happy with it. It's just that even since I've slowed down a lot, I still will jump at the opportunity when I can. I don't go out looking for it anymore, those days are gone. But once or twice a year I try it. So my answer is that you will slow down, but you'll still appreciate a chance at it. It's what you like. Period. I know a guy that likes sucking tits. He's in a nursing home right now, and he pays one of the workers money so he can suck on her tits! Cant do anything else! He's on his deathbed and may go with a titty in his mouth! Lol

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