Will We do This Forever?

In my opinion YES but you do it with moderation or less.

Its in human nature to be curious, 99.99% male in my opinion would prefer to have sex with strangers they find attractive rather then having sex with the same person. Now due to circumtance when we find someone attractive but we know we can't have sex with them, so we look for alternative which gives us some form of sexual relief. It is always a thrill to have nonconsensual frot encounters.
But ask yourself this question when you have sexual urges would u rather just palm a stranger you see or have the option to actually have sex with her any way you like without any string attach? Now having that said some people are opportunistic chikan and some actually live a life to frot which i feel very unhealthy and destructive.

I don't think you would quit the game I believe you would simply become less active frottur.
As an adult I need to prioritize my life and I understand my action has consequences but when i get an opportunity its very difficult for me to let it go because i know what i am missing out.
I remember one of the guy on this board was groping on the London bridge and before he knew he was about to palm that bubble, he use to get the tingling feeling because he had already experienced it.
So i feel longer you r in this game more you would be giving up...
I dont know if that ade any sense

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