I also wanted to ask you guys a 'serious' debating question, so I'd really appreciate some 'Non Jokey' feedback/replies/comments Please!

Will us chikans do this forever? After I left my gig last night and most of the morning today I realised that I DO NOT want to do this shit forever. Maybe none of us do?!
Sure it's a high, and it's such a buzz 'when it's happening' but I feel I have so much to offer in life, and chikan does get in the way.

What I guess I'm trying to say is that whilst I've mentioned quitting before, it is, and always will be a goal of mine....quitting that is.
I could quite easily say that I'm quitting now, as that's how I feel right now as I type.

But as you know, I've said “I've quit” before only to come back here with egg on my face, and my tail between my fucking legs. I know I will quit....I HAVE TO!! For the sake of my family and my future.

Whilst chikan has given me some fantastic and utterly memorable experiences, I hate having a 'Secret World'. Even when my balls are fucking lilac, I still hate the secrecy that this addiction of ours brings into play.

I know 'most' of you will know where I am coming from, especially the more seasoned ones amongst us, and I've not written this post to depress anyone or spark up negative debate. I just want some empathy and advice from those 'That know'..........that's you lot!!

Sreley, just the same as any addiction...it will all end in misery, one way or another. (either getting caught, or going to your grave as a sad old perv etc)

I don't want to go to my grave as a chikan. I'd rather look back on chikan as a long happy/unhappy phase of my life, or maybe just try and forget it altogether.
I know we'll always be pervs in our way (most men are). I'll always look at an ass and thing Ahhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

OK that's me done!! Would like to hear any posts regarding this topic.

Thanks guys!


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