Scale back, use control (WARNING: she may be 21 years old)

This "game" can take control, if you let it. What I've learned in 40 years of chikanning is that you have to do it in moderation. I no longer hunt for it. I only go to maybe 2 concerts a year. I just try to make them really good ones. The rest of the time I just swipe some soft asses, thighs, whatever here and there. Never do I hit a target more than 2 times, even when they are game, because I've been lured into thinking they are game just to be embarassed. For me it's the hot, sticky, summer festivals that are the perfect storm for my activities. Beyond that I just bide my time, because if you allow it you can work yourself up and into trouble. What I do is remember all the good times before cell phones and cameras were so popular. I did stuff then that still gets my juices flowing

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