So I got caught

After a few days of way too conspicuous chikan activity, I finally was caught by police. They were waiting for me on a street next to my house in plain clothes and not in a police car, and as I walked past they came out and asked me to step inside. I'd gotten a few good gropes in but it turned out they were waiting for me because a day or two ago I'd done it to a woman who'd called the police, and then the day before when I was pissed some girl took photos me of walking "suspiciously" even though I didn't do anything. Thankfully I thought fast and presented it as a drinking problem that had developed due to stress from work etc and said I thought the girl was my friend who's ass I tapped as I was pissed then left when I saw it wasn't. They believed me, but upon searching me at the station they found a small bag of weed in my tobacco pouch so I also had possession of a Class B substance.

I really could have gone down hard for this. They could have got me for sexual assault, had it of gone to court I would of probably got a prison sentence because of both the crimes and my life would be fucking over. Since they believed me and it was my first time and I was really co-operative, however, I got off with a police caution :D Basically just a slap on the wrist, it goes on my record but its spent in a couple years. I was shocked for a while about being arrested but when the shock wore off I saw with a much more rational perspective my actions of the past few days, and I've vowed to change my game - a lot. I'll take my opportunities in crowded gigs and clubs, stealthily like you guys do it, and those occasions will be few and far between. My girlfriends ass and jacking it to stories and vids is satisfying my desires at the moment, and having recently tried coke, its honestly a much better buzz than groping a girl is anyway.

So for now I'll remain a lurker and post when I have an opinion I feel the need to strongly express or if any opportunities come around - let my story serve as lesson to other young chikan who (as another poster who I should have listened to aptly put it) "feel invisible". Their are consequences to your actions and people quickly notice this kind of thing unless it's in the right environment. Thick crowds are you friend, in general the public however is not.

Hasta la vista

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