This is the main reason why i quit chikan. The video Shadow posted. I wrote on here a year or two ago that the over-aggressiveness of some chikans ruins it for the rest. Some idiot fought me tooth and nail over that comment. I cant remember his handle. This once stealth, unseen, unnoticed art has now become main stream and very out in the forefront in public. Why? How? The video Shadow posted as an example. Now there are annoucements on trains warning about it. I see guys on the train/bus for example making it blatantly obvious what they are doing. It's not b/c i was one myself that i pick up the movements or signs, but its just obvious. This morning i saw a guy get barked on by someone b/c he was chikaning a woman in plain view of everyone. He had to get off or he would have gotten beat down. Or, if its not that, its guys being over agressive and psuhing their luck. Saw that last week where they guy was taken off by an undercover b/c he greatly exaggerated his movements. Oh well. Quitting was the best thing for me and while i do enjoy a good story now and then and also thinking back to my own experiences, i dont miss the chase.

Happily out the game.

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