Massage (WARNING: she may be 99 years old)

Hey "bad_guy", I don't know what you mean by did whatever I wanted. But I have found that the Asian rub and tuggers wear thick undergarments, that is more like armor. Heavy bras and thick panties under their leggings just to make sure you can't go too far. But whatever you can do as long as you don't try to undress them, they will let you do. They want you to cum as fast as possible, so grabbing their tits, ass and pussy is all ok. I often have popped a tit out, no problem. But what I like to do is push it as far as I can and humiliate them. My favorite is to rub their ass through their leggings while they are jerking me off and then start to search for their asshole. Once I'm on it I start trying to insert a finger up their ass through their clothing. I have never been stopped and have literally penetrated their asses while they tug. I don't cum quickly but always act like I'm on the verge so they tolerate whatever, thinking it is going to make the unpleasantries short. Haha, never. Love to hear more about how far you've gotten.

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