i took the family to Disney and it is a pervs paradise. So many hot young sluts dresses is barley anything and so many pack lines. I got many accidental touchs on hot young bodies without even trying. The best ride is haunted mansion. There are two times the pack you in a room and the lights go out for about 5 seconds which is plenty of time. I made I was close to the girl in the attached pic the first time the lights went out, when they did I got a good feel of that ass. In the next room I made sure I was close but not too close but had a good line off site, when the lights went out I reach across and grabbed a handful of that big teen tit. OMG, it was the most amazing feeling so soft. I gave it a good firm squeeze and pulled back. The lights came back on and she gave the guy that was with her a swat on the arm. I tried to follow her for another opportunity but could but I did manage the pic before I lost track.

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