Drunk slut

i was doing shot with my "friend" down by the apt. Pool late last weekend. This slut thinks she can hang with me but she can't handle her alcohol. Long story short she passes out and I can't wake her up. Long story short I have to carry her up 3 flights of stairs to my apt. On the way up the steps my hand accidentally went in her bikini bottoms. I started moving the tip of my finger on her asshole. This didn't even make her react so I slid my finger in up to the second knuckle. It was tight and hot. I got her up to my apt. And laid her on the floor with a pillow. She has nice tits so I popped them out of her bikini top and played with them. Still no reaction. I started sucking and rubbing them. At this point I am so hard I take my suit off I pull her bottoms down a bit and she has a freaking tampon in her cute little pussy. Just as well, I didn't have a condom so it was for the best. I ended up fucking her titties and coming all over them. I the rubbed the last drops on her lips. Didn't want to fuck her mouth because I didn't want to choke her. I scoop some of my cum up and finger fuck her mouth, coating her toungue. I wish I could say she sucked my finger or licked her lips but she just laid there. I got her clothes back in order and covered her up. The next day she called me and thanked me faking care of her. She was really embarrassed but I told her not to worry about it. I will take care of her anytime.

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