I'm going to pay to fuck a business client

I am a consultant, and last year I spoke to a prospect who was setting up in business as a masseuse. I found out she was very sexy.

Our business arrangement never materialised, however I did find her on facebook and look at some of her pics.

Few weeks ago, I found her website and emailed her under a fake alias asking about massage services. I offered an unusually large sum of money for 1 hour of time.

My emails were suggestive in tone and she seems keen on the idea of what it is I am driving at, reading between the lines. I want sex with her but she wants to talk on the phone first. (Nothing wrong with that, she wants to make sure I'm not dangerous or weird.)

I'm not sure what to do because I've a feeling she'll suss out what's going on and might recognise my voice. We've never met before but I'm pretty sure she's seen a pic of me before.

In the emails I have said I want to get a hotel room and don't want anyone to know what we're doing. No explicit language has been used.

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