I took a drunk girl home and fucked her good (WARNING: she may be 23 years old)

I would like to share an amazing experience I had with a local girl but for a long time I have been too worried to share it, I have been keeping a low profile after what happened in summer last year when I had my way with an amazingly beautiful drunk girl with hot legs.

Please excuse the spelling, since I wrote this as fast as I could. I have altered her name too.

It was the night when England lost to Italy in the World Cup, there were a lot of people out in town that night, me being one of them. The streets were packed with taxis and a lot of people were very drunk, some drowning their sorrows after the football defeat I suppose.

Walking down the main high street I saw a pretty girl I knew from school who had changed a lot, I had been chatting to her in the pub earlier in the night and she had mistaken me for someone else we both knew at school. She was wearing tight leggings and she was with a group of girl friends in the street talking, distracted. The street was busy and I had to keep asking people to move.

Anyway, her ass was pointed outwards towards the middle of the pavement and she was on the right side. Her bum was exposed and it looked nice. She was wearing sort of purple/blue shiny/wet look leggings and as I walked past I put out my hand and open palmed her ass, feeling the roundness and warmness. She didn't say a word and continued talking to her friends completely oblivious.

I decided to walk home the long way round since there's usually a few long girls that get really drunk and walk home on their own. I like to have a feel or a squeeze if they're wearing something nice, so I went the long way.

On the way, feeling a little frustrated over the sporting defeat, I called up a girl I had a fling with. She was in her early twenties and I wanted to talk dirty to her on the way home. I called her but got voicemail.

Bored, I made my way home, intending to smoke some weed, have a wank and go to bed. On the way home, something amazing happened.

In the distance I saw her young lady wearing a short black skirt and what looked like a dark cardigan. Best of all she was wearing my absolute favourite piece of clothing - shiny black tights. Not only that, she had the legs to with the tights! Curvy, sexy thick legs that were def not fat.
She was staggering and talking on her mobile phone presumably to a friend. I walked faster, looking behind me to see if anyone else was out on the street. It was about 2:30am and all was quiet. Not a soul in sight.

I got closer behind her and now could get a better look. She was definitely wasted, and slurring something to whoever was on the phone. She seemed upset about something and was off balance, walking slowly. I crossed over the road as not to arouse suspicion and slowed down. I took out my phone and pretended to have a conversation so I had a pretext to occasionally stop or sit down. All the time my shiny legs tights wearing beauty was in my sight.

Eventually she ended the call and put the phone away. Walking down on the other side of the road were a couple with a dog. Seemed strange they were out so late. They started talking to her and I realised they knew each other. Damn! I walked on ahead on the other side of the road and decided to call it a night.

I got further ahead of her and turned a corner and stood on a dark part of the pavement just off the main road. A few girls (I don't know how many) walked past and she was on her phone again mumbling about something. She seemed wobbly, so after she ended that call, I got on the other side of the street, put my phone to my ear, pretended to have a conversation and walked past her.

As I walked past I paused my "conversation" and asked if she was okay. As I asked her I put my open palm hand on her ass for a second. She glanced up and mumbled "Yeah" and looked back down at her phone. She made no comment on me touching her bum.

I went back around the corner and decided to wait and see if anything happened. Nothing did so I headed home as planned. I was about 50 feet down the street when I heard another group of girls walking up what sounded like the same part of the street she was on. I thought nothing of it.

Then there was a commotion, some swearing and laughter. I waited a few minutes then went to investigate. The girl in the tights was standing on the pavement looking up and down the street. As I approached she turned to me and said "Can you pull that grate up?"

I didn't know what she was talking about but now for the first time I made eye contact with her and realised she had probably been doing drugs. She didn't seem stoned, it seemed as though she might have taken ket or some weird drug. She looked about 23 and was very pretty, kind of innocent looking.

She told some girls and thrown her phone down the grate and I asked why. She told me "Because she's a bitch" referring to the one who had apparently snatched the phone and thrown it down the metal drain in the road. I tried to pull the drain up but it wouldn't budge. I told her she'd need to phone the council and they would deal with it.

She insisted I call the police... and stupidly I did. I called the county police on my phone and they told me they wouldn't deal with it. My new friend could hear the talking on the other end of the phone, and I even showed her my phone display so she could see what number I was connected too. She was so fucked up that I doubt this mattered to her! She seemed unstable. Her eyes had that tired/lifeless look.

She turned away from me and looked down the other end of the street but I don't know what she was saying because she talking so quietly and looking the other way. I looked down at her legs and thought about just groping her there and then. I was starting to get a little bit aroused thinking about her and the thought of taking her somewhere discreet like a dark alley.

I stepped closer and gently put my arm round her waist and said "Look, I've got to go, I can't stand here all night."

She said, "Pleeeease, you've got to help me. That phone is worth £300 and I can't leave it."

I said, "Surely it's wet. Drains are wet, ya know."

She folded her arms and turned away again, she was clearly upset about the phone as well as whatever else she was pissed off about earlier on when I overheard part of her conversation with the person on her phone.

I dropped a great line at this point: I said, "I'm going home, I'm tired and my girlfriend just text me and asked me where I am."

Her face dropped and she looked ready to cry. I offered to call the local police (I didn't really) and had a fake conversation with the operator. I explained the phone situation and at the same time explained to my new friend no police cars were available. She sighed and then said she needs to sit down. She sat on the edge of the pavement and I joined her. We both stared at the dirty grate her phone had been chucked down.

I offered to call her a taxi and said I'd help her get the phone back. So I fake called a taxi firm and said I need a taxi asap. Faking the conversation more I asked the girl, what's your name? She told me her name and then I asked for her second name and what her address is. She told me everything and I now knew where she lived. It was about 15 minutes walk but probably longer at her pace.

I typed her name into the Facebook app on my phone and she came up in the results! It was def her!
Then I gave the bad news - there were no cars available at that time because of the football. I told my friend I'd walk her as far as I could to her house and we'd try for a cab on the way again. She agreed and we started walking. She was still clearly fucked up. It reminded me of the state I saw some of my friends in at college when we had done drugs.

My plan was to get her down a dark road or secluded area and feel her up. I knew I could get my hands all over her legs. I love the texture of shiny tights on a young girl like her, plus her legs were lovely.

While we were walking I asked if she has another phone. She said no and started complaining all over again about the phone and even tried to turn back to go and stand next to the drain.

I persuaded her it would be best if she went home and asked someone at home to help her. What she told me next made my throat go dry. There was no one else at home. She lived alone and had split with her boyfriend months ago. He's moved out. Now I knew what she was upset about before. Maybe it was him she was talking to?

I called another cab but the phone just rang and rang. I knew everyone was gone at the cab firm because it went to voicemail. I told her I'd try another firm but called the same one, and this time let her hold the phone to her ear so she could listen. She gave me the phone back and started talking about being thirsty.

She didn't seem suspicious of me at all even when I walked behind her and took some pictures of her legs.

It was important that I keep reminding her about my girlfriend so she wouldn't have reason to not trust me. I knew what I wanted to do. I had two condoms in my wallet and I was going to fuck her.

We got to her house eventually which was a semi on a side road. It was odd because this was the part where I needed to have her invite me in but I knew I couldn't be aggressive. Having said that I'd put my hand on her ass at least 5 times by now and my heart was starting to beat a lot. After making chit chat about where she worked and what she did I asked her if she was okay now. She said she just felt really sleepy and needed water. What is weird is that during all this time she didn't once ask me my name. By this time I knew she was called Laura and dropped it in the conversation occasionally.

We were outside her house for about 2 minutes when my phone rang. Of course it didn't really, I pretended it was on silent and that I had to take the call. I "answered" and it was my girlfriend. Well not really. I said "Yeah, I'm just dropping a friend off, she's a bit worse for wear." I even said, "Oh about 15 minutes... yeah.. see yak... love you too. bye."

That was my pretext to tell my friend I had to go right then and there. She begged me AGAIN to call the police. I told her to keep her voice down. I said, let's go inside first. I'll get you some water and call the local station, I'll get someone to come round and take a statement from you."

The stupid bitch actually fell for this! LOL. She started fumbling through her bag and I said quietly, "do you have the keys?" She seemed to be struggling to get her keys and ended up dropping half the contents of her bag all over the doorstep. I heard the jingling sound when the keys hit the ground and immediately she bent over in front of me to grab them. As she bent over I pressed my hard dick straight into her ass. She felt very soft, I was even tempted to hump her a little but didn't want to spook her.

The contact of my cock on her lasted probably about 6 seconds but it felt much longer. My heart was pounding... lol, I looked around to see if there was any one out on the street, but this street only had houses on one side, the other side of the street was just a brick wall with iron railings and brambles.

She got the keys, stood up fully playing the keys looking for the right one. It was obvious she was confused and while she was looking for the key I squatted down and put her things back in her bag, but I was careful to use the sleeve of my hoody to pick up the make up stuff and all her other shit, I was suddenly concerned about finger prints. I still didn't know if I was going to have sex with her and it wasn't as if we'd been flirting. I was fantasising about overpowering her and fucking her from behind while she was still wearing her tights. I once fucked a girl who let me tear a glory hole in her leggings and have sex with her while I was feeling her thighs.

While I was down on the ground putting all the stuff back in the hand bag my face was right next to her legs. I looked up her skirt but it was too tight to get an up skirt but her legs were juicy. I wanted to feel her legs while I was on the ground but I resisted. there was a lump in my throat and my jeans too hahaha, she was messing about with the door keys so I took them off her and found the right one, the door opened and we went in. I tried to rub the keys on my t shirt a bit because I was thinking about evidence and finger prints.
As we went in I struck up more conversation with her saying I gotta go now hope you're okay etc. The front door was still open. She seemed to have forgot about the phone and said she needs water and told me to get a glass, so I went in with her in the hall with her in front of me and I put the light on in the main room. the room was messy with clothes all over one of the sofas. There was a small lamp next to the TV so I put that on and turned off the big light. She looked straight at me and said "what's your name again?" I gave her a fake name and said "lie down on the sofa I'll get you some water then I'm going."

While she was sitting on the sofa I got her a glass of water from the kitchen, I held the glass with some kitchen paper I got off the roll and put it next to her. I realised she was sobbing a little. I asked her what's up but she ignored me. I looked at her up and down and thought she was so fucking hot, there was no way I was going home without doing something. I realised the front door was still open so shut it quietly, went back into the front room and sat on the sofa next to her and put my hand on her thigh and told her not to worry, and we'd get everything sorted out. the feeling of her tights was incredible and I was able to push my hand slightly father up and down towards her pussy a bit more. She leaned back and sighed and said something about needing to go to sleep but didn't tell me to stop. She was laying there now half asleep so I whipped out my phone and started filming her legs with my iPhone. My heart was beating so hard I felt like I was going to have a seizure!!

So, what did I do, I unbuttoned my jeans and let my hard dick flop out, so I was now sitting on the sofa next to her with my cock fully out while she was sitting next to me with her back starting to fall asleep!!!!!

I put my hand back on her leg again... no reaction!!! The feeling of the silky material of the tights was amazing! I looked at the time on my phone - it said 3:02am - I put the phone away and got my wallet out. There were two murex in there and I put them both in my left pocket. I remember this part so clearly, it was amazing, and I wasn't even feeling drunk anymore!! I wanted to fuck her so much but already felt kind of bad about it, so I stood up with my dick out and started wanking myself off right in front of her!! I kind of wanted her to open her eyes and just me standing there with my dick in my hand lol.

I've read on this board before about some guys cum all over the target then leave but this was different... She was breathing steadily now so I think she was comatose. I could get away with anything. I started getting nervous and put my dick away. I went back in the hall and check the front door - it was one of those Yale looks that means as soon as the door shuts it is locked from the outside.

Then I had an idea - I wanted to go upstairs and have a look around. I went up to the bathroom and looked around for a laundry hamper. I couldn't find it so went in to one of the bedrooms which was hers, there was hair straightness on the floor and a lot of clothes spread out everywhere, I looked around for some worn panties and found some, they were white with pictures of strawberries on them, I sniffed them and there was a faint smell of piss lol.

I put them in my pocket and went back down, she was in the same position and fast asleep. the room was still kinda dark with the lamp on but I woke her up and said "Laura, Laura", "you need to go to bed now, I have to go home". I got her to stand up and as she did I stood behind her and pressed my cock into her bum again. I was a bit soft at this point and needed to get hard again. I walked her over to the door leading up the stairs, it was like on a spiral angle. I was behind her basically plastered to her getting slowly hard again, it was not natural at all but she said nothing and I started rubbing my hands up and down her thighs on the sides. She then mumbled.. "What you doing.." and without thinking I said quietly "can I fuck you?" Can't believe I sad that !! She muttered "I need to go to sleep".
So went up the stairs at a snail’s pace, she was more or less crawling and bending over with my dick pressed against her ass. I was wearing jeans and wanted to let my cock out again because I didn't like the way my dick was getting caught up with my boxers.. I unfastened the buttons again, detangled my dick from the underwear and smashed it right up against her pussy area under the skirt itself! Nearly came all over her right then so I had to back off a bit because I was intending to enjoy this for longer!

In the end I thought fuck it, I put my dick away and helped her up properly to the top of the stairs with no more fooling around. I knew she was totally gone and I could more or less do whatever I wanted to her, so I took her in the bedroom and told her to go to sleep. I put her on the bed, she was still fully dressed, and I got her to lie on her side and then I said "Okay, I'm off now". No reply. I looked at my phone and it was coming up to half three in the morning! It would be getting light soon and I wanted to have a good time and hopefully go home while it was still dark.

I said a bit louder "Laura" but no answer. My dick was going soft again so I thought, what the hell, and took my trainers and jeans off, I took my hoody off so now I was just wearing socks, boxers and a t-shirt. I whipped out my dick and started wanking while I was staring at this hot girl on the bed. She was fast on, she didn't answer me when I said her name again.

I had a lump in my throat and was probably the most turned on I've ever been, I'd never done anything like this before accept for one time when I was 18, I slept with a girl who I fucked again in the night while she was passed out. I said quite loudly "Laura, I'd really like to fuck you." No answer! She was breathing in a rhythm so I knew she was def out cold again!

I got on the bed with her and lay down so I was spooning her. She was still fully dressed and I liked her like that more than I would if she was naked. I have fetish for tight fitting leggings and tights and I've always been a pervert like that.

My cock was fully erect now so I lifted up her little skirt a bit so it was ridden up round her waist as best as I could get it, then push my thing up against her. It sunk into her arse crack and as I did this I put my left leg on top of her legs so I could feel the material of the tights. it is a bit like at concerts when you're grinding a nice girl and you open your legs so she sinks into you more.

At this point I threw all caution to the wind and decided I wanted to penetrate her fully. I got off the best, grabbed my jeans and took out one of the durex. I stood there in her bedroom half naked, my cock fully erect with the johnny in my hand staring at this little hottie, I felt like an animal!

I got back on the bed with her and put my hands on her ass, I started fondling her buttocks but needed to roll her on her front so I could properly go at her the way I wanted too. I pushed her but she didn't move the way I wanted her too so ended up with her half on her left side and half on her front.
But I wanted to rub her cunt and get her ready for "big" event haha. I started rubbing her pussy area quite fast. Still no reaction. I got close to her neck and smelled her, it was a nice perfume she was wearing.. I whispered "You fucking dirty drunk little slut". No reaction. I continued rubbing her cunt and I could feel the shape of her lips starting getting warm and a bit wet through the tights and panties.

I really, really wanted to bang her like in this video: http://www.likepornos.com/lets-fuck-with-your-pantyhose-on

I knew she might wake up if I fully entered her with my prick but at that point I had really stopped caring and wanted to slam this dirty bitch hard and enjoy every minute of it.

I kept rubbing her pussy and got into a circular rhythm with three fingers, on top of her tights and underwear. I pulled the tights down a bit but she was in a position that meant it was difficult to get them all the way down. My heart was pounding and my dick was pointing straight up, I wanted this bitch face down ass up, so I started moving her in to position but she started waking up when I did that.. I was actually quite nervous and shaking now because she started muttering something that I couldn’t hear and I thought it was game over.

I got close to her ear and whispered to her that I loved her and some other things, I was gently touching her pussy with my fingertips now, almost tickling her lightly, she let out a deep sigh. She was still fully clothed and I would occasionally run my hands up and down her legs for the feeling of the tights. I’m hard now while I’m writing this and it all happened about 8 months ago!

With a bit of effort I was able to get her on her knees and put her bum up in the air.. I heard her say “what are you doing?..” but I ignored her. I was now behind her and had her ass right in front of me with her skirt pulled up to her waist and her knees together, but she was more lucid now and I thought she might tell me to stop. I didn’t care though because I had gone to too much trouble to stop if she told me to and I was determined to bang her one way or another.

I pulled her tights half way down her thighs and pulled her white panties down too, she was half awake and said she was thirsty and told me to stop. I ignored her and slipped a finger into her cunt and she let out a little sigh, she asked me “what are you doing?” so I finger banged her slow at first but got faster. When I did I felt her whole body relax and she sighed again

I’d been fondling, palming/touching her and fingering her for approx 15 minutes and wanted to fuck her now, so pulled her panties back up but moved them to the side of her slit, then I pulled her tights back up around her arse and ripped a hole about the size of a drinks coaster where her cunt was.

She seemed to be slipping in and out of consciousness. I clearly remember her going “ahhh... i need to go to sleep.”
My dick was aching to go in and while I was putting the condom on I felt like I was going to cum right then so I took a breath to relax for a minute so i would not end up popping before i actually entered her!! I had my legs either side of her to keep her in place and the material of her tights against my naked legs was electric, I couldn’t believe how fucking lucky I was, this was a jackpot and this is thinking back to earlier when I was going to go home and have a wank! Hahah..

I got the rubber on but before i put it in i finger banged her fast and hard and she started moaning but quietly. She was nice and sticky but her panties kept slipping back in place which was annoying. I had to keep moving them back to one side while i fingered her.

My cock was solid now, so I got into position and lined the head up with her slit, moved her lips apart slightly with my left hand and slid in fairly easily. She felt kinda tight but I have a bit of girth to my dick, although it is quite short.

I pushed in all the way and i heard her take a sharp intake of breath. The only thing i regret was the fact my iPhone was in my jeans pocket on the floor and if i’d thought ahead i could have filmed myself entering her.

Her bed was creaky, it had what seemed like a cheap metal frame. I felt like i wouldn’t last because i was EXTREMELY turned on, especially because my balls would occasionally slap against the tights material. She didn’t appear to object at all as I fucked her a little bit harder, to be honest, she was so far gone, i don’t think she knew who was actually banging her. I know she was upset about her boyfriend and as far as i could tell she was willing to accept she was now having a one night stand. Maybe she needed some cock all along? Dunno.

While I was slamming her, I was open palming her buttocks, greedily squeezing her plump bottom. I’m telling you guys, having sex with a woman wearing tights or leggings with a glory hole ripped in the back is heavenly!!

It was heading towards that time... you know the build up you start to sense when you’re on the home stretch. For this reason i slowed down a bit. She was still completely wasted but she seemed to be into it because she was moving with me, moaning and sighing. Sometimes when I’m trying not to cum too fast, I stop thrusting the hips and push myself in as deep as possible and create a figure of 8 in mind with my dick. It’s a way of producing some different sensations while you get your stamina back.

I decided to finish up and just go for it. I wanted to cum as quickly as possible because I could actually hear birds singing outside and it was getting light out.

Before I blew my load I took a moment to look at what I was doing to this gorgeous little thing. Who cares if England lost that night, I bet no one else got to do what I did that night. Fuck everyone else, this was the best night I’d had in years.

I started fucking her again but decided to squeeze her tits a little. She was still wearing her cardigan and blouse, and there was some kind of necklace she was wearing that was getting in the way so I went back to feeling her bum, smacked her cheeks a few times too while I banged her.

By now I was really getting into it. I was moaning loudly and saying “Laura, Laura” and she seemed to saying something too but i couldn’t hear her, i stopped shouting and moaning so I could hear what she was saying. She was saying “please stop, i don’t want too..”.

“What?” I said

She was murmuring, “I need to go to sleep, stop...”

I ignored her and went a bit harder at her but then suddenly felt a bit guilty. This killed my buzz a little so during a brief lull I said, “Just let me finish.”

There was no response from her and she was still breathing heavily and making faint little noises so I took that as a green light. I made my last stand and fucked her as hard as i could while squeezing her bum and enjoying the silky texture of her sexy black tights.

She didn’t seem to be enjoying it as much as me but I wasn’t bothered. I just wanted to smash her cunt and finish.

The feeling was rising up inside me fast and there was no going back. My balls were tingling with that feeling of electricity all over.

Right before I came I managed to say in a weak voice, “You stupid fucking dirty bitch..ugghhh, arghhhh, yes yes yes, ugghhh, fuck! Fuck! Yes! Ughhhhhhhh...god...”
I’ve never had an orgasm like that before, even with girlfriends in the past. I was having little spasms and still twitching all over my body about 10 seconds after i ejaculated. I managed a couple more thrusts in her although I’d pretty much emptied my balls HAHAHA!

I pulled out and looked at her. Her pussy was visibly wet because I could see the cum glistening slightly. A sudden feeling of terror swept over me because I now had to get out of here. She had told me to stop a few times and she could very easily report what was technically rape because she’d told me to stop a few times.

She was now lying on her side, her skirt was still pulled up and she made no attempt to move or get into bed properly.

I didn’t dare say a word in case she woke up, and I was also worrying about how much she’d seen my face. I figured she was so drunk/drugged up that she would not be able to ID me even if she went to the police. Then I remembered all the drama over her phone, which means she would probably be talking to the police at some point.

My dick was limp now. I took the condom off carefully but i knew my bell end was drooling with cum. I walked to her bathroom to get some toilet paper. I didn’t put the light on because the sun was rising. I carefully tore off some toilet paper without leaving a trace and wrapped it around the end my dick.

The condom I tied off neatly and wrapped inside some more toilet paper.

I went back to the bedroom. The light was still on but she was definitely asleep now.

I got dressed as fast as I could. I checked I had everything then tied my laces. The condom wrapper was on the bed – i put that in my pocket. When I put the wrapper in my pocket I felt her panties that I’d took earlier – white with pictures of strawberries.

She was fast asleep so i decided to take one last liberty. I couldn’t believe i was doing it but it gave me a buzz. I carefully unbuckled her high heels and took them off. Carefully, i ran my hands up her legs once more and went all the way to the waistband of her tights. Grabbing the hips of waistband, I pulled the tights down and completely off. I had to move her legs a little to get them off totally but she didn’t stir.

Now i had the tights. What the hell, I thought. I want her panties too. Off came her panties too, which were wet and smelled of her cum. I stuffed them in my hoody pocket.

I looked around the room. All seemed good. Before I left, I got by the side of the bed on my knees and looked at her properly. She was a really pretty girl. I was pleased I’d had her. I wondered what she would do when she woke up.

I got out of there quickly and quietly. I was worried a neighbour might see me leaving so I was careful. I used my hoody sleeve to open the door and close it behind me. I was trying to minimise evidence.

I’d been fingering her a lot and groping her which was not good in an evidence/DNA context.

I looked around and all was quiet. It was a Sunday so no one needed to be up for work. I walked out of the porchway and small front garden, took a left and quickly walked home.

I had my goodies and souvenirs of her to remember her by.

While I was walking home I remembered I had looked her up on Facebook and found her. As soon as I got in I looked her up but added her as a friend from a fake profile i have under a woman’s name.

Meanwhile, I wanted to have a shower and hide my goodies I’d taken from her. I knew I’d probably never see her again but because it’s a small town I decided to lay low for a while. I even discovered that on my real FB profile, me and her have a couple of mutual friends!

This could be bad so I unfriended the mutual friends to be careful.

I went to bed and slept till about 5 in the afternoon. I checked the fake profile to see if Laura had accepted the friend request from “Katy” but she hadn’t. But something amazing HAD happened... although we were not Facebook friends, I was now subscribed to her updates... and guess what?! She had been tagged in some photos that had been taken on the Saturday night with her friends!!

I now had access to pics of her dressed exactly as she was when I fucked her! The tights she was wearing in the photo (the one I posted) were the same tights that were on my computer desk in front of me! HAHAHA!

My cock started hardening so I had a wank while sniffing the panties I’d taken off her. They smelled of her juices and reminded me of slamming her.

After I’d finished my wank I started thinking about what she might have done – did she go to the police? She didn’t update her status personally but she was tagged in a status that said she’d been at a friend’s house on the Saturday.

I’ve kept my eye on her updates but I’m still not official FB friends with her – just a subscriber. I’ve seen her comment on other people’s updates and all seems fine. There have been no waves in the local paper or on facebook.

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