woodstock 99 (WARNING: she may be 18 years old)

Thought I would share this with you, some might not like it but others may. I didn't write it, it was posted anonymously and then quickly deleted on another site.


Worst thing I ever did? Rape a girl. not something I've ever told anyone before. The only people who know never talk about it.

It was at Woodstock 99, I was 21 at the time. It was a real fucked up concert, fucked up people fucked up atmosphere but at the time it was perfect for me. I was there with a bunch of my frat buddies and we were all on the same page. Get drunk and fucked up and get some ass.

There was 9 or 10 of us there together and it wasn't long before we realized that we could get away with whatever we wanted. at first it started out pretty tame, a girl would crowdsurf and we'd reach up and grab her tits, girls would flash their tits, crowdsurf half naked it didn't seem wrong to grab a feel.

As the thing went on we just got worse and worse, by the second day we pretty much had a system. Girl would crowdsurf, we'd hold on to her and feel her up. Eventually she'd come down and we'd "help" her get back on her feet by squeezing her tits and ass and then they'd get the fuck out of there as fast as they could. we'd all laugh about it.

third night and shit went to hell, the riots and everything are pretty well documented. We were all on the same page by then. Our plan of coming to woodstock and fucking a bunch of girls didn't really work out it was just a bunch of guys sleeping together in a tent. So by day three we were fucking horny and the atmosphere of the place was just completely out of control.

When the sun went down on the third day was when shit got out of control. There was two girls that night. the First one came to us half naked. She was crowdsurfing and the crowd was going nuts on her, just ripping her clothes off. Black girl, kinda thick with big tits. She'd lost her shirt and she was just in bra and shorts.

Bad luck for her she ended up getting pushed over our group. So we pulled her down. Surrounded her. In the dark with the loud music surrounded on all sides i doubt anyone farther than a few feet could have even seen her.

It was a joke to us. We started groping her. Squeezing her tits, sticking our hands down her shorts. Calling her names, 'fat slut', 'nigger bitch', we weren't even racist I think we just wanted to torment this girl. someone snapped her bra strap and we ripped it off of her. Threw it to the crowd. She was trying to cover up but there were hands all over her.

The only thing that saved this girl was the second girl. We liked her better, she was hotter, she was white because that mattered to us, she was younger and smaller, an easier victim. The first girl was our age or older, this girl was a teenager. 18 maybe 16 or 17.

She was cute, skinny little brunette. I remember how it started real clearly. "no tits on this one" one of my friends said. "fuck it rape the bitch" from the guy next to me. She came overhead and we pulled her down just like the first girl, who by now had pushed her way out of the group.

it's hard to explain how it got so far. we were all just horny out of our minds and you just had the feeling that there were no consequences to anything you did here. but we dragged this girl down into the pit and just started molesting her all at once. she was wearing jean shorts and a strappy shirt, but we immediatley started pulling at her top and the straps broke quickly. she was struggling at first but she could barely move.

she was smaller than the first girl and most of us had close to a foot on her. she was crammed in the middle of us, all ten of us fighting over her like animals, grabbing her tits. her shirt was ripped and her bra didn't last a second. and then we were pulling her shorts down. there was no coordination between us but there didn't need to be, we got her shorts off and around her ankles. it made her even less able to move, with her legs tied up in her shorts.

I never expected it to go this far. groping girls seemed pretty consequence free but this was a whole other level. but here we were, 10 horny guys with this mostly naked girl in between us. no one discussed wether we should rape her. it just kind of happened. we were holding her ass up and her head down. one guy got behind her, i didn't see him unzip, but he was fucking her. lasted all of 30 seconds and then he was done.

what can i say, it was incredibly hot raping this girl. my dick was rock hard, i was on her left side, she was bent over facing the ground and my dick was pressing into her stomach. I hadn't jerked off in days and it just felt good. I could reach down and squeeze her little tits at the same time if i could find them in the sweaty mess of hands pawing at her.

another guy got behind her and started fucking her, and was done just as fast as the first guy. and then it was me. i pulled my shorts down and let my prick out. I didn't even think about it, i was too worried about if i'd actuallly be able to get my dick inside her, in the dark with the crowd pushing us around. i was so horny I almost came just trying to find my way inside her, but then i was in. took me three thrusts before i was passed the point of no return. my legs trembled as i came inside her. i still think about that feeling.

i pulled out and instantly was hit with a huge wave of shame and fear, terror. but as quick as it came it was gone and i just wanted everyone else to experience what i just had. and share in the blame as well, it made me feel better if everyone was doing it.

two more raped her, and one guy took his dick out and cummed on her back without raping her. the other guys didn't.

we pulled her shorts back up and covered up her tits as much as we could with her torn up shirt. the struggle she put up before was completely gone, she looked like she was in shock. we just left her standing there and pushed our way to back of the crowd. and that was it, we didn't even leave the area.

The shame and fear came back later though, after the festival was over. I still struggle with what I did.
I never raped another girl after that, but then i've never really been in a situation like that. The worst thing, i think, is that i still jerk off thinking about that night, and it still makes me cum harder than anything else.

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