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Hello guys I have been reader here for a while so I'll like to share a story to good to be kept to myself.
This happened just last week and it was a almost free because the price was very affordable so I guessed there would be a huge crowd. The concert was to start by 4pm and I went early and just as I predicted there was a Mammoth crowd at the entrance because the doors weren't opened yet and to make things even more interesting, there was no organized line. Immediately I started looking for a Target and as luck would have it, I found a pretty lady in a very thin gown. First thing that came to mind was that she wasn't from around here you'd ask why. That's because you don't wear a thin gown to a concert nope you'd butt fucked. So I moved over and as I did that, I checked if she was alone or with anybody and guess what she was all alone in this crowd.
Lemme quickly give a description of my outfit, i wore a black pyjamas that looks like fancy joggers only that it's extra thin. it's so thin that if I stretch it , it would tear. That's how thin it is. My shirt was big but not too big just big enough to cover a part of my cannon.
Yes back to the story. Now I was only a few inches from this ladies ass. I could literally see through the dress it was a plain yellow gown and I couldn't see any panties. The best part was her gown so rested on her ass that her crack was visible. It was almost 4pm and they announced that the doors would soon be opened so people started scrambling to get close to the door. my heart almost jumped out of my chest as I made contact with her ass. If you ask what is the definition of soft I'd point to her ass. My semi hard dick was still inside my pyjamas as we crawled towards the tunnel like entrance. The crowd was so much that we took one step in 10 secs and I was in no hurry at all I would let her move forward and then let only my dick be in slight contact with her ass before filling the gap again. I estimated the time of getting to the door with our snail pace, and with that I had at least 8-10 mins. With each step, my dick sank deeper at a point in time, I managed to get enough gap to look down and boom! I saw the sexiest view of all day a deep wedgie. Her gown gave no resistance of any sort. I decided to step the game up so I pulled out my dick. It wasn't all that hard with everyone's attention on the entrance so I had no troubles, I let her step forward and immediately she did, I put my dick in her lower asscrack. Just positioned my dick in a 9 o'clock format, I watched as the head disappeared as I slid in slowly. I was totally lost in pleasure as this happened, I started pushing ever lightly all this while she didn't turn her head or give off any bad vibe. By now we were already at the entrance and this was the place with the slowest movement remember I said it was like a tunnel. A tunnel which was designed to let through at least 15 people side by side but now it was taking almost 20 people. As we got to the tip of the tunnel, there was an announcement that the gate would soon be shut because the crowd was massive, this made matters worse but good for me as people started pushing forward I simply let the crowd push my dick deeper inside her ass. I had my hands on both sides of her legs to avoid her being jostled out of my region. I started humping her like crazy. As there was no space between us when I tiptoed, I felt the weight of her ass and same when I came down. As we got to the end of the tunnel, there was an abrupt halt, this made me hit her too hard that she leaned on forward and for the first time she turned back I managed to spill out a sorry with a faint smile because I was about to push my dick which was in her ass crack upwards. I thought this was going to end the fun but she just turned without a word.
Now we entered into the arena, the crowd thinned out so I had to back off a little. As I did, I watched my dick slide out from her ass I saw a huge wet spot which was caused by my precum...

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