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Oh brothers, do I have good news for u!! As the title suggests, I was able to get all up in-between some sexy milf ass n nutt!!

As I had mentioned before, this happened at the Rock gig that I said that I would attend. I came in early to scope out the place n study the crowd behavior which paid off really well for me!! By the time I had arrived at the place, it wasn't crowded enough to hump, but was getting there.

So I wasted no time, and went right up to the barricade n tested the waters with the asses that were in front of me. One chick that really caught my eye was this curly haired milf who was with her husband n her 2-3 year old on her arm. She was real sexy, was about 28-32, 5'7, curvy body n pert ass (Which I don't go for usually) but she was an exception cos' of the material of her pants!! It was a very thin material which got ma dick seriously hard!! Also, she had perfectly smooth caramel coloured skin which made me go insane!! Well, I kept my eye on her until the Headliner came onstage, by which time I knew that it would get seriously packed n I could hump her mercilessly. But the thing is, she n her hubby kept on holding the kid in turns n I didn't know whether the hubby would b there alone or whether the my milf would leave with the kid when it gets real packed...
So I was praying to the gods for the hubby to leave the crowd with the kid, which is what exactly happened!! My prayers were answered!! Oh man, oh man, I couldn't believe it, I knew it was gonna b good!!
So as soon as hubby left, the announcers came on stage n announced the Head liners!! Then they wanted everybody to come to the front which made it really packed!!
I wasted no time n plastered myself on the milf n sank my already hard on in to her pert ass!! Omgggg!!! Those pants jus gave way like butter n I jus sank right in there!! I just lost it n grabbed the barricade from one hand while I held her steady bu holding her from the her bare upper arm!! Then, I started to really give it to her like a dog n started smelling her hair n also kissed her bare upper arm several times while I watched her pretty face!! I had only been humping her for like 5 mins when I felt that familiar tingling sensation n I knew it was gonna b good cos' I hadn't nutted for a whole week!! Then it happened!! I nutted like a volcano while I was all on her back, buried deep in her crack n kissing her upper arm really hard!! But the downer was that she got really pissed at the rowdy nature of the crowd n plowed her wait outta there while I was nutting in her sweet booty :(
All in all it was a very good night for me n I even saw her later while I was leaving the area holding her baby. Hope u enjoyed!!

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